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Step Two Hundred and Sixty-Three

Step 263. With Knowledge All Things Become Clear. Why engage in additional speculation? Why project further blame or judgment? Why make your life more complex and more frustrating when all things become clear with Knowledge? Why make your mind more complex? Why attribute more and more qualities to yourself? Why invent new levels of thinking and being when with Knowledge all things become clear? Why project more and more distinctions upon the world? Why make the world seem so hopelessly complex and meaningless when with Knowledge all things become clear?

You have only to learn to be with Knowledge to see what Knowledge sees, to do what Knowledge does and to have the peace of Knowledge, the grace of Knowledge, the inclusion of Knowledge, the relationships of Knowledge and all that Knowledge contains, which the world cannot possibly duplicate.

In your two deeper practices return to being with Knowledge, in humility and simplicity, in stillness and in silence. Breathe Knowledge in. Allow K…

Step Two Hundred and Sixty-Two

Step 262. How Can I Judge Myself When I Do Not Know Who I Am? If you do not know who you are, you can only judge what you think you are. Your thoughts about yourself are largely based upon your expectations and disappointments. It is very difficult to observe yourself from within your personal mind, for your personal mind is made up of your personal thoughts, which are not born of Knowledge. To view yourself with Knowledge, you must be in relationship with Knowledge. This will lead you to experience yourself in an entirely new way. This experience must be repeated and expressed over and over again, in many, many situations. Then, you will begin to get a real sense and experience of who you are. This sense and experience will not be born of condemnation and unforgiveness, for only your idea of yourself can be disappointed. Life will disappoint you in this way, for life can only fulfill you according to your true nature and True Self. To realize this means you have realized the value and…

Step Two Hundred and Sixty-One

Step 261. I Must Learn To Give With Discernment. If you give without personal ambition, you will give according to Knowledge, and your gift will be specific and given in such a way that it will empower you and those who can receive your gift. This is Knowledge guiding you. If you try to give for your own self-aggrandizement, if you try to give for your own self-assurance or if you try to give to alleviate an abiding sense of guilt or inadequacy, you will not give with discernment. Your giving, then, will be ill placed and will produce increasing conflict and discouragement for you.

Life does nothing aimlessly. Everything fulfills a purpose. Therefore, your giving must be done with discernment, and your discernment is something you must learn step by step, day by day. This is Wisdom functioning in the world. With Knowledge you must learn this Wisdom; otherwise, you will not be able to give your true gifts effectively and will misinterpret their results. Knowledge will give you that whic…

Step Two Hundred and Sixty

Step 260. I Am A Friend Of The World Today. You are a friend of the world today, and as you experience this you will experience the world as a friend to you, for the world can only reflect your purpose as you express and experience it. Here you will experience a new world with Knowledge, a world that you had not considered before, a world that you only momentarily experienced before.

Be a friend of the world today, for you have come to be a friend of the world. The world is in great need. It is demonstrating great confusion and error, and yet you have come to be a friend of the world because the world needs your friendship. In this, you receive a greater reward than anything you could secure for yourself alone, for anything you secure for yourself alone you must take from life. Yet, anything you give and receive as a friend to the world, life gives to you, and it does not lose in the exchange. Then, there is no guilt in your giving and in your receiving. Here your involvement is wholes…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine

Step 259. I Have Come To Teach In The World. You have come to teach. All you have been doing is teaching since you arrived here. Your thoughts and your behavior are the vehicles for teaching. Even as a little child you taught and delighted and frustrated those who loved you. Throughout every stage of your life you have taught, for teaching is the natural function of demonstrating life. Thus, you naturally have a teaching function. Even if you do not carry this out in any formal sense with people, your life is a demonstration and, therefore, a form of teaching.

That is why as your life becomes allied with Knowledge and expressive of Knowledge, your life will become the teaching itself. Then, in whatever avenue you are directed to choose for your self-expression, which will be genuine according to your nature, you will be able to express your teaching in gestures great and small, in words and without words and in accomplishments in every avenue and walk of life because you have come to t…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight

Step 258. Who Are My Friends Today? Your friends today are all who are reclaiming Knowledge and all who have reclaimed Knowledge. Your friends tomorrow will be all who will reclaim Knowledge. Therefore, everyone is either your friend or will become your friend. It is only a matter of time, and time can only seem long to those who dwell within it without purpose. But to those who dwell in time with purpose, time moves swiftly and brings about this great result.

Who are your friends today? Everyone is your friend or will become your friend. Therefore, why have an enemy? Why call another an enemy who is in opposition to you, for they will become your friend. Knowledge will join you. You are reclaiming Knowledge, so you are paving the way for this.

Who are your friends today? Your Teachers and your Spiritual Family and all who reclaim Knowledge. Thus, your range of friendship is enormous. There are many avenues in the reclamation of Knowledge, but the essence of learning is always to becom…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Step 257. Life Is Greater Than I Had Ever Realized. Life is greater than you have ever realized and certainly greater than you have ever imagined. Its greatness is born of the fact that you live in a Greater Community of Worlds. Its greatness is born of the fact that Knowledge is the essential aspect of yourself which you carry within you. The greatness of life is affirmed with the presence of your Teachers and the presence of all who prepare to reclaim Knowledge with you.

Thus, you have a greater purpose in a greater universe. Thus, you can see your world in its proper context. Thus, you can see yourself in your proper context, for you will play a small part in the greater evolution of the world, and your part will be essential. It will be within your range and grasp to accomplish. Something small done for something great means that the smallest contribution bears the greatness of that which is served. This redeems you to yourself; this redeems you to life. This casts away all darknes…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Six

Step 256. The World Is Emerging Into The Greater Community Of Worlds. This is a statement of truth regarding the evolution of your world. It gives meaning and direction to your understanding of your participation and your contribution in the world. It is not meant to frighten you or to create uncertainty or anxiety because with Knowledge uncertainty and anxiety are not essential. With Knowledge there is no uncertainty, for the quietness of Knowledge is your certainty, the voice of Knowledge is your certainty and the movement of Knowledge is your certainty. All of your mental and physical abilities and faculties can serve to express this in whatever avenue you are destined to serve.

The statement that the world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds is an affirmation of your purpose because your perception, your understanding and your appreciation of the world must grow. Your understanding of the world’s difficulties and opportunities must grow. You cannot hold a small vision …

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Five

Step 255. The Errors Of This World Will Not Dissuade Me. Do not let confusion dissuade you, for all error is born of confusion. Remember that when individuals are without Knowledge, they can only commit error and express their confusion. They can only practice confusion, and they can only serve confusion. This, then, will teach you to value what is valuable and to recognize what is meaningless. This will teach you that you are always in service to that which you value; you are always fortifying that which you value; you are always practicing that which you value.

Now you are learning to value Knowledge. You are learning to practice Knowledge. You are learning to recognize Knowledge. And you are learning to serve Knowledge. This is the demonstration that you require. Do not let the confusion of the world dissuade you, for it reminds you of your great need. How can the errors of the world dissuade you when they should encourage you? Correctly seen, they will only prompt you to give yours…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Four

Step 254. I Trust My Teachers Who Abide With Me. Trust your teachers, for they are entirely trustworthy. They are here to initiate Knowledge within you, to remind you of your origin and your destiny and to guide you in matters great and small. Trust your Teachers. They will not take the place of your Knowledge but will step back as Knowledge comes forward within you. Trust your Teachers, for they have already accomplished what you are now attempting, and they are teaching it to you now so that they may fulfill their destiny in the world. Trust your Teachers, for they have no goal or ambition other than Knowledge. Thus, their approach to you is entirely uniform and honest—without deception, confusion or conflict of mind.

As you learn to receive your teachers, you will learn to receive their approach to life. In this, they will give you harmony, balance, power and direction. You cannot respond to honesty dishonestly. You must learn to respond to honesty with honesty. You must learn to re…

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Three

Step 253. All Things I Truly Need Will Be Provided For Me. To this statement you must give your complete faith, though your past has been a record of discouragement and disappointment. Yet, even here you can realize that those things that you truly needed for the advancement of Knowledge and for the advancement of your true mental and physical capabilities were provided for you.

All things you truly need will be provided. It is when you want things that you do not truly need that your awareness of this becomes confused, and this leads you into dark speculation and grave disappointment. What you need will make you happy; what you don’t need will make you confused. This is very simple, very straightforward and very direct. Knowledge is always like that. Knowledge affirms that which is essential. Here your approach to life becomes simple and direct. Thus, you experience life as simple and direct.

If you approach life in a devious way, life will appear devious to you. If you approach life …

Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Two

Step 252. Review Let your review of each lesson in the past two weeks be a confirmation of the presence of Knowledge in your life. Review each lesson and practice. Review objectively the extent of your involvement and realize the opportunities to give yourself more fully and more completely. Realize how meaningless your denial is and how great the promise of your reward, given your participation in life. You will realize this as you review your practices, for your practices demonstrate your ambivalence towards Knowledge and the presence of Knowledge itself.

You will learn in time that as you come closer to Knowledge, all things that are meaningful and valuable will be affirmed, and as you go away from Knowledge, you will enter the darkness of your own imagination. This, then, will convince you of where you need to apply yourself. This will convince you of the great presence that is with you to assist you. This will convince you that you are included in life and that your Teachers are w…