After Completion

You can read what I say after completing Steps to Knowledge for the second time here.

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Step Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

Step 365: I Am Committed To Learn To Learn. I Am Committed To Give What I Am Meant To Give. I Am Committed Because I Am Part Of Life. I Am Part Of Life Because I Am One With Knowledge.

What is commitment but the natural expression of your true desire? It frees you; it does not bind you. It engages you; it does not obligate you. It fortifies you; it does not limit you. True commitment is born of true Knowledge, of which you yourself are born. In this final step in this stage of your preparation, give yourself and your entire day to practice.
Honor yourself for accomplishing a remarkable and substantial task in completing this one year of preparation. Honor your Knowledge for giving you the desire to participate and the strength to participate. Honor your Knowledge for giving you the vision that is now emerging. Honor all who have served you in your life—your family, your parents, your friends and your seeming enemies and adversaries. Honor all who have enabled you to value Knowledge and…

Step Three Hundred and Sixty-Four

Step 364. Knowledge Carries Me Because I Am A Student Of Knowledge.

As you carry Knowledge, you will feel Knowledge carrying you. You will feel Knowledge guiding you and directing you, preserving you, protecting you from harm, keeping you from difficult and harmful engagements, engaging you with individuals with whom you must be engaged and leading you away from divisive engagements which do not have purpose. Thus it is that you become a leader and a follower, for you follow Knowledge and you lead yourself. You yield to Knowledge, yet you exercise the power of decision upon your own behalf. Thus it is that you become a great follower and a great leader. Thus, you are in a position to serve, and you will increasingly feel as if Knowledge were carrying you through life. And you will feel that you are carrying Knowledge as well. Seen correctly, you will realize your true relationship to Knowledge. You will realize that you carry Knowledge within you and that Knowledge carries your well-be…

Step Three Hundred and Sixty-Three

Step 363. Knowledge Is My True Desire Because I Am A Student Of Knowledge.

Knowledge is your true desire. Think not that your desires are false, for all desires, if recognized, are for Knowledge. It is because you have misinterpreted your desires or have attempted to use them to fortify other things that they have led you astray. Do not attempt to be without desire, for life is desire. Desire is purpose. Desire is meaning and direction. Yet, you must recognize your true desire, which is the desire for Knowledge to fulfill itself and to claim itself, the desire for Knowledge to save you and for you to save Knowledge. How can you save Knowledge? By holding it within yourself, by being a student of Knowledge, by carrying Knowledge everywhere you go, by reinforcing your awareness of Knowledge, by being simple with Knowledge and by not attempting to use Knowledge to fulfill your own aims and your own purposes.
Carry forth the normal activities of the day, but carry Knowledge with you. If Kn…

Step Three Hundred and Sixty-Two

Step 362: I Am Learning To Learn Because I Carry Knowledge Within Me Today.

You are learning to learn. You are learning to receive Knowledge. You are learning to value Knowledge. You are learning to carry Knowledge. You are learning to express Knowledge. You are learning to cultivate all of your mental and physical faculties that are essential for this overall preparation. You are a consummate student. Therefore, be totally engaged with your studenthood today, which will free you from false assumptions and from placing impossible burdens upon yourself. That which is given in truth you will naturally be able to do, for you are naturally created to do this. Your physical and mental vehicles, those things that are tied to this world, will naturally be engaged in your true fulfillment.
Learn to learn. Learning to learn means that you are learning to participate. It means you are both following and leading all at once. You follow your Teachers and their program for development, and you lead…

Step Three Hundred and Sixty-One

Step 361. I Am Being Led Into The Light Of Knowledge Today.

You carry the light. Carry it with you each hour and in every circumstance. Use your entire day to practice carrying Knowledge. Do not try to express Knowledge, for Knowledge will do this itself when it is appropriate. Your task today is to carry Knowledge, to be attentive and to remember that Knowledge is with you. Whether you are alone or with others, whether you are at work or at home and whether you are in a situation that is pleasant or unpleasant, carry Knowledge within you. Feel it burning in your heart. Feel it filling the great expanse of your mind.

In your two deeper practice periods, re-enter the sanctuary of Knowledge so that you may be refreshed and renewed, so that you may be blessed and honored and so that you may find reprieve and freedom. The more you find this in your inner life, the more you will be able to carry it into your outer life, for you are meant to carry Knowledge into the world today.

Practice 361:…

Step Three Hundred and Sixty

Step 360. I Must Learn How To Reveal Greatness In The World.

With simplicity, humility and without false assumptions, remembering that you are a beginning student of Knowledge, you will be able to learn how to reveal greatness in the world. This is quite essential because the world is ambivalent towards greatness, towards Knowledge and towards love. If you present the world’s desire to it when the world is in an ambivalent state, it will not know how to react. Therefore, its reaction will either demonstrate that it is for or against your contribution. Any individual, any community or any world that is beset with ambivalence will react in more than one way because it is ambivalent. For this reason you must learn to approach ambivalence with Wisdom, for those who are ambivalent must learn how to receive their certainty, as you are now learning to do.

Recognize thus far how ambivalent you have been regarding your life and regarding this preparation. Realize that for this reason, this prep…