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Step One Hundred and Fifty-Seven

Step 157. I Am Not Alone In The Universe. You are not alone in the universe because you are part of the universe. You are not alone in the universe because your mind is joined with all minds. You are not alone in the universe because the universe is with you. You are now learning to be with the universe so that your relationship with life may be fully reclaimed and so that it may express itself in your world. The world sets a poor example for this, for humanity has lost its relationship with life and now seeks desperately within the realms of imagination and fantasy to find that which has been lost. Be happy today, then, that the means for life’s reclamation have been given to you so that you may give yourself to your practice and to your destiny. In this way, you are affirmed. You are not alone in the universe. The depth of this idea is far greater than what it appears to be at first. It is a statement of absolute truth, but it must be experienced to be comprehended.

Therefore, upon t…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-Six

Step 156. I Will Not Be Concerned About Myself Today. Self-concern is a form of habitual thinking, born of negative imagination and of errors that have not been corrected. This compounds your sense of failure, thus influencing your lack of self-trust and self-appreciation. Our lesson for today, then, is to fortify that which is genuine within you. If you are with Knowledge, Knowledge will care for all things that require your attention. Think not that anything will be left unattended to that is for your own behalf. All needs of a greater spiritual nature and of the most mundane nature as well will be met and understood by you, for there is no neglect in Knowledge. You who are accustomed to neglect, who have not used your mind properly in the past, who have not been able to see or hear the world, can now be comforted, for you need not have concern for yourself today.

For this you must extend your faith and your trust that Knowledge will provide for you. This in time will allow you to re…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-Five

Step 155. The World Blesses Me As I Receive. You are learning now to receive. The world blesses you as you learn to receive, for Knowledge will flow into you as you become an open receptacle for Knowledge. And you will draw that which is life into yourself, for life is always attracted to those who give.

Understand this in its full depth this day as you remind yourself upon the hour that life gives to you as you are still. In your two meditation practices, enter stillness once again and feel life being drawn into you. This is a natural attraction. As your giving and stillness become greater, you will feel life being drawn into you, for you will in time become a source of nourishment for life.

Practice 155:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.
Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.
June 12, 2013 Round One:Fe…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-Four

Step 154. Review
Review the past week’s practice. Review all the instructions that were given and your practices as well. Consider how deeply you have entered peace. Consider how deeply you have used your mind for investigation. Remember that your practice is a form of giving. Therefore, give yourself to review your practices. See how your giving can become more complete and deeper so that you may receive greater and greater rewards, for yourself and for the world.

In your one long practice period today, review the week of training that has just been completed. Remember not to judge yourself. Remember to be a witness to your learning. Remember that your practice is a form of giving.

Practice 154:
One long practice period.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.
June 11, 2013 Round One: This review confirms for me that I…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-Three

Step 153. My Source Wishes To Express Itself Through Me. You were created to be an expression of your source. You were created to be an extension of your Source. You were created to be a part of your Source. Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge. It is not merely the sharing of little ideas from one separated mind to another. Communication is far greater, for communication creates life and extends life, and within this is all joy and fulfillment. Within this is the depth of all meaning. Here darkness and light mix together and cease their separation. Here all opposites blend and melt into each other. This is the unity of all life.

Allow yourself, then, to experience yourself as a vehicle of communication, and know what you truly wish to communicate will be fully expressed as well, for the self that you genuinely are is an extension of the Self that is life itself. In this, you will be completely affirmed and life will be affi…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-Two

Step 152. I Will Not Follow Fear Within The World. Humanity is governed by waves of fear that draw people here and there, waves of fear that dominate their actions, their thinking, their conclusions, their beliefs and their assumptions. Do not follow the waves of fear that move across the world. Instead, remain steadfast and still in Knowledge. Allow yourself to observe the world from this point of stillness and certainty. Do not be swayed by the waves of fear. In this way, you will be able to contribute to the world and not be its victim only. You are here to give, not to judge, and in stillness you are without judgment upon the world. Recognize, then, the waves of fear, but do not let them touch you, for in Knowledge they cannot touch you because Knowledge is beyond all fear.

Repeat your idea for the day upon the hour, and consider it in light of all that you experience today. In your two longer practice periods, apply your mind actively in attempting to understand today’s lesson. Ag…

Step One Hundred and Fifty-One

Step 151. I Will Not Use Fear To Support My Judgments. Do not use fear to support your judgments of yourself and the world, for these judgments are born of your uncertainty and anxiety. Thus, they lack the foundation of Knowledge. Thus, they lack the meaning and value that only Knowledge can bestow. Do not rely upon your judgments of yourself and the world. As you withdraw from them, you will realize that their source is fear, for you have only been trying to comfort yourself with your judgments, to provide a false security, stability and identity which you feel you are lacking. Therefore, be without a substitute for Wisdom and Knowledge, and allow Wisdom and Knowledge to arise naturally.

Upon the hour repeat your statement, and consider it in light of all things that are occurring today. In your two deeper practices, consider the meaning of today’s idea as you think about it carefully. Apply your mind in a state of work as you attempt to penetrate the meaning of today’s lesson. Do not…

Step One Hundred and Fifty

Step 150. Today I Will Learn To Learn. Today you learn to learn. You learn to learn because you need to learn. You need to learn how to learn so that your learning may be effective and expedient, have depth and consistency and produce a sound advancement that you can rely upon in all circumstances in the future. Do not think that you already understand the process of learning, for you are learning about this now as you understand the meaning of advancement, the meaning of failure, the meaning of encouragement, the meaning of discouragement, the meaning of enthusiasm and the meaning of a lack of enthusiasm. That is why at the end of each week you review your practices so that you may understand your progress and understand the mechanism of learning. This is essential for you to realize, for until you do, you will misinterpret your steps, you will misconstrue your actions, you will not understand how to follow a curriculum and you will never learn how to teach a curriculum yourself.


Step One Hundred and Forty-Nine

Step 149. My Practice Is My Gift To The World. You give to the world through your own development at this time, for you are preparing to give a greater gift than you have ever given before. Thus, each day that you undertake the practice according to each step that is given, you give a gift to the world. Why is this? It is because you acknowledge your value and your worth. You acknowledge your Ancient Home and your Ancient Destiny. You acknowledge those who sent you and those who will receive you when you leave this world. All this is given to the world each time you practice sincerely, upon each day, upon each hour. This is a greater gift to the world than you can yet understand, but in time you will see the total need that it fulfills.

Therefore, your practice is a gift to the world, for it gives that which you are affirming within yourself. What you affirm within yourself you affirm for all individuals, in all circumstances, in all worlds and in all dimensions. Thus, you affirm the r…

Step One Hundred and Forty-Eight

Step 148. My Practice Is My Gift To God. Your practice is your gift to God, for God wills that you receive Knowledge so that you may give it to the world. Thus, you are honored as the recipient and as the vehicle for Knowledge, God is honored as the source of Knowledge, and all who receive it will be honored as well. This is your gift now—to undertake the true preparation that you are involved in currently.

Therefore, treat each practice period today as a form of giving. Upon the hour, give yourself in each circumstance in which you find yourself. In your two deep meditation practices, give yourself completely. Do not come begging for ideas or information, but come to receive and come to give. As you give yourself, you will receive and in this you will learn the ancient law that to give is to receive. This must be born completely in your experience so that you may fully comprehend its meaning and its application in the world.

Your practice is your gift to God. Your practice is your gif…

Step One Hundred and Forty-Seven

Step 147. Review In your review this week allow yourself to realize the lessons that are being presented to you. Take special care to recognize the empowerment that is being offered to you as you exert your will for good. Note as well the requirement that you accept yourself beyond your current understanding, that you honor yourself beyond your current evaluation of yourself and that you experience life beyond your own thoughts and prejudices. Recognize the opportunity that is being given to you, and realize that each moment that you spend in sincere application furthers your progress tremendously and establishes a permanent advancement for you. If you think of what you would want to give to the world, give your advancement. From this all good things which you have come to give, according to your nature and your design, will be given completely. Thus, your gift to the world now is your preparation so that you may learn to give.

In your long practice period, review the past week—your le…