Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Nine

Step 259. I Have Come To Teach In The World.
You have come to teach. All you have been doing is teaching since you arrived here. Your thoughts and your behavior are the vehicles for teaching. Even as a little child you taught and delighted and frustrated those who loved you. Throughout every stage of your life you have taught, for teaching is the natural function of demonstrating life. Thus, you naturally have a teaching function. Even if you do not carry this out in any formal sense with people, your life is a demonstration and, therefore, a form of teaching.

That is why as your life becomes allied with Knowledge and expressive of Knowledge, your life will become the teaching itself. Then, in whatever avenue you are directed to choose for your self-expression, which will be genuine according to your nature, you will be able to express your teaching in gestures great and small, in words and without words and in accomplishments in every avenue and walk of life because you have come to the world to teach. The world can only teach you that you need to teach the truth. That is the world’s teaching to you. It teaches you of the great need for Knowledge, and it teaches you of the presence of Knowledge. Thus, the world serves and supports your true function, as you serve and support the true function of life.

Remember this idea upon the hour. In your two deeper meditation practices give yourself to thinking of this very, very carefully. These are practices of mental engagement now. Think of the meaning of today’s idea. Realize that you have always been teaching through demonstration. Think of what you want to teach with your life and think of what you want to fortify with your life. Think of what you want to give and think of what the world has given to you to stimulate this true desire. All these things will generate right thinking and right action, and through right thinking and right action Knowledge will flow effortlessly through you to bless life around you and to bring purpose, meaning and direction to your relationships.

 259: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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February 13, 2014 Round One: To be honest, I don’t feel like a teacher and I don’t feel as if I have anything to teach, at least not consciously. And I could never be a teacher professionally, I just don’t like telling people what to do. I remember when my first daughter was born, as soon as I saw her, I thought – you are going to teach me more than I can ever teach you.

This Step talks about teaching through demonstration though, that is different. That is much more potent, for actions always speak louder than words. I am a poor speaker, my words are unconvincing, I sound wishy-washy, so the only way to teach is to demonstrate. I still find it doubtful that anything I might demonstrate would be of value to anyone, I don’t think I demonstrate what most people find valuable. I think my life is out on a limb. And I am not saying this to be self-deprecating, or self-demeaning, I like my life, I would not want it to be any different, I would not want to be any different myself, I like the way I am, and I hope I am teaching (if only my children) by my demonstration. I just think that most of the world seeks different things than what I have to offer.

I am very happy to read the following words:

"the world serves and supports your true function, as you serve and support the true function of life."

This is something I can identify with, although I will say in general that Steps are getting pithier as they go on. A lot to examine and digest here, folks!

April 22, 2015 Round Two: The following sentence jumped out at me this time: The world can only teach you that you need to teach the truth.” 

The truth is something I am seeking, something I have been seeking all my life. Now, I am willing to admit that the truth may look different to different people, there is not one absolute truth, but there is a Greater Truth that can be discerned if I keep my wits about me and my senses tuned.

I am more convinced this time that I can only teach by example, and it is up to others to follow my cue, should they so wish. I certainly do not have all the answers, I just follow what feels right to me. I am not here to impose, browbeat, or tell other people what to do.


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