Step Two Hundred and Sixty

Step 260. I Am A Friend Of The World Today.
You are a friend of the world today, and as you experience this you will experience the world as a friend to you, for the world can only reflect your purpose as you express and experience it. Here you will experience a new world with Knowledge, a world that you had not considered before, a world that you only momentarily experienced before.

Be a friend of the world today, for you have come to be a friend of the world. The world is in great need. It is demonstrating great confusion and error, and yet you have come to be a friend of the world because the world needs your friendship. In this, you receive a greater reward than anything you could secure for yourself alone, for anything you secure for yourself alone you must take from life. Yet, anything you give and receive as a friend to the world, life gives to you, and it does not lose in the exchange. Then, there is no guilt in your giving and in your receiving. Here your involvement is wholesome and clean. With Knowledge this becomes evident and is demonstrated day after day until you finally learn that it is true without exception.

Upon the hour be a friend to the world. Recognize that all anger comes from confusion and that Knowledge is emerging now to resolve all confusion. As a result, your life is now engaged with true resolution and not with compounding the world’s predicament. Your life is about resolution and not predicament. Be a friend to the world. In your two deeper practice periods in stillness, give yourself to being a friend to the world, for this will ease the world’s confusion. As you learn to give this with Wisdom and discernment, you will allow the world to become a friend to you, for the world wishes to become your friend as well.

 260: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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February 14, 2014 Round One: "your life is now engaged with true resolution and not with compounding the world’s predicament."

How lovely! I needed to hear this today and to give myself to being a friend of the world. Sometimes I don’t feel like being a friend, particularly to certain people I don’t feel friendly towards, some people I have a chip on my shoulder about. This "issue" surfaced again recently. I asked for resolution of this predicament and got this Step today.

April 23, 2015 Round Two: I always wish to be a friend of the world and give what I can. It is interesting that I am doing this Step this week, just a day after the world celebrates Earth Day. I would like to share a probing post my blogging partner Douglas at Mystery of Ascension wrote on this called "Take From This World, But Then Give Back To It." 

I feel that one aspect of being a friend of the world is honoring and caring for the environment, doing whatever I can not to add to the physical predicament the world is in today. I can do this by being frugal with resources, not littering, being gentle with the bounties nature offers, and always having a solicitous attitude, an awareness of the world around me and desire to live in harmony with it. And I know that if I treat the world with respect and kindness, treat it as a true friend, I will be treated the same way in return.


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