Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Four

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Step 254. I Trust My Teachers Who Abide With Me.
Trust your teachers, for they are entirely trustworthy. They are here to initiate Knowledge within you, to remind you of your origin and your destiny and to guide you in matters great and small. Trust your Teachers. They will not take the place of your Knowledge but will step back as Knowledge comes forward within you. Trust your Teachers, for they have already accomplished what you are now attempting, and they are teaching it to you now so that they may fulfill their destiny in the world. Trust your Teachers, for they have no goal or ambition other than Knowledge. Thus, their approach to you is entirely uniform and honest—without deception, confusion or conflict of mind.

As you learn to receive your teachers, you will learn to receive their approach to life. In this, they will give you harmony, balance, power and direction. You cannot respond to honesty dishonestly. You must learn to respond to honesty with honesty. You must learn to respond to direction with a desire for direction. You must learn to respond to commitment with commitment. Thus, in your response to your Teachers, you learn how to respond. You learn to value what is valuable, and you learn to release or overlook what is meaningless.

As you trust your teachers, you will trust yourself. Remember this upon the hour. In your two times of great refuge and happiness, in meditation, return to your Teachers whom you now trust. In stillness and in silence they will abide with you, and you may bathe in the depth of their love. You may experience their universal affection and receive their grace, which will only stimulate your Knowledge, for only your Knowledge will be stimulated.

Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 5, 2013 Round One: I did not particularly feel the presence of my teachers as I did this Step, although usually I do.

I trust my teachers, just sometimes I wish I had a more tactile or visual relationship with them. I remember reading books in the past about spirit guides, the authors describing their interaction with them, meaning they would actually see them, as though in the room with them, talk to them, go places with them, be shown things. I have never had experiences like that. Maybe because I am too chicken? Maybe I would freak out if a teacher actually appeared “in person” before me?

So I conjure up comforting images in my mind of loving beings who have my best interests at heart, support me, put their arms around me when I come and sit beside them around the campfire, nod their heads in approval when I ask them about the latest idea I have.

On the whole though, I can vouch for the fact that I feel my teachers' presence, I feel their power, I trust them.

"their approach to you is entirely uniform and honest—without deception, confusion or conflict of mind."

April 17, 2015 Round Two: I have a better understanding of the Teachers this time. Many a time in the time that has elapsed since I did this Step the first time, I have opened Secrets of Heaven to pages that talk about the Teachers. This has been very elucidating for me. For instance, Secret 199 says: “The Teachers are invisible to you. They will bear a physical resemblance only to achieve a specific goal, and this will be rare indeed.”

And Secret 197: “Your relationship with the Teachers is a doorway. It is not the end. It is not even the goal. It is the means. Yet it is not the total means, for the Teachers do not wish for you to rely upon them for everything. They must teach you to be reliant upon your own Knowledge. Thus, they restore to you what is yours without losing anything of themselves, thereby demonstrating the great fact that your relationships are restorative if they are seen correctly.”

Today I trust that my Teachers are with me, loving and supporting me. I do not have to see them or even conjure up images of them in my mind, but I feel their presence, and I trust they have my highest good at heart. Doubt and confusion about my Teachers only comes from my own self-doubt and inability to see myself as I truly am. Now that I have a better understanding, I cannot not trust my Teachers, for this would be defying what I know. 

I want to share this exercise that I found helpful at one time. Jean Houston describes how to get in touch with the entelechy within each person, the Higher Self, and feel its love and support. 


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