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Step Two Hundred and Nine

Step 209. I Will Not Be Cruel With Myself Today. Do not be cruel to yourself by attempting to wear your crown of thorns, which represents your system of beliefs and assumptions. Do not project upon yourself the weight of blame and unforgiveness. Do not attempt to force your mind to exemplify those qualities that you hold dear, for they will arise naturally from Knowledge.

Instead, enter into stillness in your two deeper practice periods, realizing once again that all things you most highly value will be naturally exemplified through Knowledge. All those things you find abhorrent will naturally fade away. A mind thus liberated can bestow the greatest possible gift upon the world.

Consider this, then, upon the hour as you attempt to apply today’s idea to all you see, hear and do. Do not be cruel with yourself today, for there is no justification for this. Allow yourself to be blessed so that you may bless the world. Allow yourself to bless the world so that you yourself may be blessed.


Step Two Hundred and Eight

Step 208. All Things I Truly Value Will Be Expressed From Knowledge. All things that are most highly valued in human life— love, patience, devotion, tolerance, forgiveness, true accomplishment, courage and faith—all naturally arise from Knowledge, for Knowledge is their source. They are but the outward expression of a mind that is serving Knowledge. Thus, they need not be forced upon oneself through arduous self-discipline. They arise naturally, for the mind serving Knowledge can only exemplify its own greatness and its own capabilities. What requires self-discipline is to reorient your focus, to reorient your devotion and to reorient your service. You either serve Knowledge or you serve the substitutes for Knowledge, for in all things you must serve.

Upon the hour repeat this idea to yourself so that you may consider it throughout the day. In your two deeper practice periods, engage your mind actively to consider the depth of this idea. You must think constructively here. Do not simpl…

Step Two Hundred and Seven

Step 207. I Forgive Those Whom I Think Have Hurt Me. This statement represents your intention to have Knowledge, for unforgiveness is merely the application of blame towards a situation in which you were unable to understand or to apply Knowledge. All your failures are your own in this respect. This may look like a burden of blame at first, until you realize the greater opportunity that it presents to you. For if all failures are your own, then you will realize that all correction is given to you to apply. The failure of another is not your own, but your condemnation of it is your own failure. Therefore, any failure that engenders unforgiveness in you is your failure, for another’s failure need not engender unforgiveness in you or blame of any kind. In fact, the failures of others will engender your compassion and the application of Knowledge in the future and need not give rise to blame or unhappiness within you.

Knowledge is not shocked upon looking at the world. Knowledge is not dis…

Step Two Hundred and Six

Step 206. Love Is Flowing From Me Now. Love is flowing from you, and today you can attempt to experience this and to release those things that obstruct it. Without judgment, without illusion, without fantasy and without the limitations of a purely human viewpoint, you will see that love is flowing from you. You will see that all your frustration in life is your inability to experience and to express this love which wishes to flow from you. Regardless of the circumstances in which your frustration arises, it is always because you cannot express love. Your evaluation of difficulties and dilemmas can certainly conceal this fact but cannot deny its existence.

Upon the hour allow love to flow from you, realizing that you do not need to engage in any form of behavior, for love will arise naturally from you like fragrance from a flower. In your deeper practices, allow your mind to become still so that love may flow from you. In this, you will realize the natural function of your mind and the …

Step Two Hundred and Five

Step 205. I Will Not Judge The World Today. Do not let your mind deprecate itself by projecting blame upon the world. With blame the world becomes misunderstood, and your mind becomes a burden rather than an asset to you. Today’s idea requires practice, discipline and application, for your mind and all minds within the world have been misunderstood, misused and misdirected. Thus, you are now learning to utilize the mind positively by giving it a true function in service to Knowledge.

Do not blame the world today. Do not judge the world today. Allow your mind to be still as you look upon it. Knowledge about the world arises gradually. It arises naturally. An idea may speak of it, but an idea cannot contain it. Knowledge represents an overall shift in your viewpoint, an overall change in your experience, an overall shift in your emphasis and an overall transformation of your value system. This is the evidence of Knowledge.

Do not blame the world today. It is blameless, for it is merely d…

Step Two Hundred and Four

Step 204. I Will Be At Peace Today. Be at peace today. Let not your negative imagination conjure up images of loss and destruction. Let not your anxiety overtake your concentration on Knowledge. To objectively consider your world and the Greater Community in which you live should not incite fear but respect—respect for the power of the time in which you live and its importance for the future, respect for your own emerging abilities and their usefulness in the world that you perceive, respect for the greatness of the physical universe and respect for the power of Knowledge which is greater even than the universe that you perceive.

Remind yourself to be at peace upon the hour. Utilize your strength and your devotion for this. Give yourself to this. In your deeper meditation practices, using the RAHN word if necessary, allow your mind to become still so that it may enter into the greatness of Knowledge, which it is intended to serve. Be at peace today, for Knowledge is with you. Be at pea…

Step Two Hundred and Three

Step 203. The Greater Community Is Influencing The World I See. If you can accept that your world is part of a Greater Community, which is simply obvious if you will look, then you must accept that the world is being influenced by the Greater Community, for the world is part of a Greater Community and cannot be independent of it. How the Greater Community is influencing your world is beyond your current ability to comprehend. But to understand that the world is being influenced allows you to view it from a greater perspective, which from a purely human viewpoint you would not be able to accomplish, for a purely human viewpoint does not allow for other intelligent life to exist. The absurdity of this point of view becomes quite evident as you begin to look at the universe objectively. This will inspire in you wonder, greater interest and caution as well. This is very important because the world is being influenced by the Greater Community, and you are part of the world that is being inf…

Step Two Hundred and Two

Step 202. I Behold The Greater Community Today. You can behold the greater community, for you are living in the middle of the Greater Community. Because you are on the surface of the world, preoccupied with human endeavors and limited by time and space, does not mean that you cannot behold the grandeur of the Greater Community. You may behold this by looking at the sky above and by looking at the world below. You may realize this by understanding the relationship of humanity to the universe at large and by realizing that humanity is but one more race evolving to develop its intelligence and its Knowledge so that it may find a true involvement as it emerges into the Greater Community. Looking in this way gives you a greater perspective. Looking in this way allows you to understand the nature of change in the world. Looking in this way allows you to have compassion for yourself and for other people, for compassion is born of Knowledge. Knowledge does not deprecate what is occurring but a…

Step Two Hundred and One

Step 201. My Mind Was Made To Serve Knowledge. Understanding this, you will realize the value of your mind, and you will not deprecate it. Realizing this, you will understand the value of your body, and you will not deprecate it. For your mind and your body are but vehicles to express Knowledge. In this, you become the recipient of Knowledge. In this, you remember your great Heritage. In this, you are comforted by the assurance of your great destiny.

There is no illusion here. There is no self-deception here. Here all things find their right order. Here you understand the true proportion of all things. Here you understand the value of your mind, and you will not want to give it tasks of which it is not capable. Thus, your mind becomes constructively applied and will be unburdened with attempting the impossible. Realizing this, you will see that your body is made to serve your mind, and you will understand the value of your body and its great application as a tool for communication. In …

Step Two Hundred

Step 200. My Thoughts Are Too Small To Contain Knowledge. Your thoughts are too small, for Knowledge is greater. Your beliefs are too narrow, for Knowledge is greater. Therefore, treat Knowledge with mystery and do not attempt to create a form for it, for it is greater than this and will exceed your expectations. Allow, then, for Knowledge to be mysterious so that it may yield its gifts to you without restraints. Allow your thinking and ideas to apply to the visible world that you see, for here your thinking can develop in a useful manner as you understand the mechanism of your physical life and of your involvement with others. Yet, allow Knowledge to be beyond the mechanical application of your mind so that it may flow into each situation, bless it and give it purpose, meaning and direction.

Remind yourself of this idea upon the hour and consider it seriously in whatever situation you find yourself. In your two meditation practices today, allow yourself once again to enter stillness, …

Step One Hundred and Ninety-Nine

Step 199. The World I See Is EmergingInto The Greater Community Of Worlds. Without the limitation of a purely human viewpoint, you will be able to see the evolution of your world in a greater context. Viewing the world without the distortion of your personal wishes and fears, you will be able to observe its greater movement and discern its overall direction. It is essential, then, that you realize the direction of your world because this is the context that gives meaning to your purpose and to your specific calling while you are here in this world. For you have come to serve the world in its present evolution, and your gifts are meant to serve it in its life to come.

Your world is preparing to enter into a Greater Community. The evidence of this is everywhere if you but look. Without belief or denial, things can simply be recognized. In this, life’s demonstration is obvious and need not be discerned from complexities. What makes life complex is that people want life to be what life is …

Step One Hundred and Ninety-Eight

Step 198. Today I Will Be Strong.

Be strong today. Follow the plan that is given to you. Do not hold yourself back or alter the instructions in any way. There are no shortcuts here; there is only the direct way. You are given the steps. Follow them. Be strong today. Only your ideas of yourself speak of weakness. Only your evaluation of yourself says that you are pathetic, incapable or inadequate. You must have faith in your strength and exercise this faith to realize your strength.
Upon the hour repeat this statement and attempt to experience it in whatever circumstance you find yourself. Within your two deeper practice periods today, use your strength to engage in stillness completely. Allow your mind to be freed of the chains of its own concepts. Allow your body to be freed of a tormented mind. In this, your mind and your body will settle into their natural function, and all things will fall into right order within you. Knowledge will then find expression through your mind and throug…

Step One Hundred and Ninety-Seven

Step 197. Knowledge Must Be Experienced To Be Realized.

Today I will not think that I can understand Knowledge with my intellect or that I can conceptualize the greatness of life. I will not think today that by a mere idea or assumption I can fully gain access to Knowledge itself. Realizing this, I will understand what is required of me and what I must give to my practices, for I must give of myself.
You must give of yourself. You cannot merely think of ideas and hope that they will answer your greatest need. Realizing this today, repeat your practice upon the hour and in your deeper meditations give yourself completely to the experience of Knowledge. Enter into stillness. Allow yourself to be completely involved. With this you will exercise the power of your own mind on your behalf. You will then realize that you have the power to dispel distractions; you have the power to dispel fear; you have the power to dispel obstructions because your will is to know Knowledge.
Practice 197:Two 30…

Step One Hundred and Ninety-Six

Step 196. Review Today review the past two weeks of preparation. Read each day’s instructions and then review your experience of practice for that day. Begin with the first day in the two-week period, and follow each day step by step. You will now begin to review your preparation in two-week intervals. This is given you to do now because your perception and comprehension are beginning to bud and to grow.

Remember each day. Try to recall your practice and experience. The lessons themselves will recall this experience to you if you have forgotten. Try to see the progression of learning so that you may understand how to learn. Try to see that which confirms Knowledge and that which denies Knowledge within yourself so that you may learn to work with these tendencies.

Becoming a true student of Knowledge will require greater self-discipline, greater consistency of application and greater acceptance of worth than anything you have undertaken thus far. Following prepares you to become a leade…