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Step Seventy-Eight

Step 78. I Can Do Nothing Alone. You can do nothing alone, for you are not alone. A greater truth you will not find. Yet, you will not find a truth that will require greater thought and examination. Do not take it at face value, for this truth is very great. It is necessary that you study it.

Upon each hour today repeat this statement and consider its impact. Do this in all circumstances, for in time you will find how to learn in every circumstance, how to practice in every circumstance, how every circumstance can benefit your practice and how your practice can benefit every circumstance.

You can do nothing alone, and in your practice today you will receive the assistance of your Spiritual Teachers, who will lend their strength to you. You will feel this as you lend your own strength. You will realize a greater strength than your own will enable you to move forward, to penetrate the great veil of misunderstanding and to realize the source of your Knowledge and the source of your relati…

Step Seventy-Seven

Step 77. Review

In your review today, once again review the past week of practices and instruction. Once again examine the qualities within yourself which aid you in your preparation and the qualities within yourself that make your preparation more difficult. Observe these things objectively. Learn to strengthen those aspects of yourself that encourage and strengthen your participation in the reclamation of Knowledge, and learn to adjust or correct those qualities that interfere. You must recognize both to have Wisdom. You must learn of truth and you must learn of error. You must do this to progress, and you must do this to serve others. Unless you have learned of error and can look at it objectively and understand how it has arisen and how it can be relieved—until you have learned these things—you will not know how to serve others, and their errors will anger you and frustrate you. With Knowledge your expectations will be in harmony with the nature of another. With Knowledge you will …

Step Seventy-Six

Step 76. Today I Will Not Judge Another. Without judgment you can see. Without judgment you can learn. Without judgment your mind becomes open. Without judgment you understand yourself. Without judgment you can understand another.

Upon each hour today, repeat this statement as you witness yourself and the world around you. Repeat this statement and feel its impact. Release your judgments for a few moments, and then feel the contrast and the experience that this will provide for you. Do not judge another today. Allow others to reveal themselves to you. Without judgment you will not suffer under your own crown of thorns. Without judgment you will feel the presence of your Teachers assisting you.

Allow your hourly practices to be consistent. If an hour is missed, forgive yourself and rededicate yourself. Errors are to teach you, strengthen you and show you what you need to learn.

Regardless of what another is doing, regardless of how he or she may offend your sensitivities, your ideas or …

Step Seventy-Five

Step 75. Today I Will Listen To My Self. Today listen to your self, not the small self in you which complains and worries and wonders and wants, but the Greater Self in you. Listen to the Greater Self in you, which is Knowledge, which is united with your Spiritual Teachers, which is united with your Spiritual Family and which contains your purpose and your calling in life. Do not listen to ask questions, but to learn to listen. And as your listening becomes deeper in time, your True Self will speak to you whenever it is necessary, and you will then be able to hear and to respond without confusion.

In your two practice periods today, practice listening to your Self. There are no questions to be asked. That is not necessary. There is listening to be developed. Listen to your True Self today so that you may learn of that which God knows and loves.

Practice 75: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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Step Seventy-Four

Step 74. Peace Abides With Me Today. Today peace abides with you. Abide with peace and receive its blessings. Come to peace with all that troubles you. Come with your heavy burden. Come not seeking answers. Come not seeking understanding. Come seeking its blessings. Peace cannot intervene into a life of conflict, but you can enter into a life of peace. You come to peace, which is waiting for you, and in this your burdens will be released.

In your two long practice periods today, practice, in stillness, receiving peace. Allow yourself to have this gift, and if any thought comes to dissuade you, remind yourself of your great worth—the worth of your Knowledge and the worth of your self. Know now that you are willing to learn from your errors and that you need not identify with them but use them only as a valuable resource for your development, for such they can become for you.

Practice, then, receiving. Open a little further today. Set all things aside that preoccupy you for later conside…

Step Seventy-Three

Step 73. I Will Allow My Errors To Teach Me.
Allowing your errors to instruct you will give them value. They would have no value without this and would be a mark against you in your own estimation. Using errors for instruction, then, is taking advantage of your own limitations to have them point the way to greatness. God wishes for you to learn from your errors so that you may learn of the greatness of God. This is done not to belittle you but to raise you up. There are many errors you have committed, and there are some errors you will still make. It is in order to guard against the repetition of damaging error and to learn from error that we wish to instruct you now.

Upon each hour of this day, repeat to yourself that you wish to learn from your errors and feel for a moment what this means. Thus, through many periods of practice today, you will begin to understand the statement you are making and will perhaps then perceive how it can be brought about. If you are willing to learn from …

Step Seventy-Two

Step 72. I Will Trust My Deepest Inclinations Today. Trust your deepest inclinations for they are trustworthy, but you must learn to discern them and distinguish them from the many other desires, compulsions and wishes that you feel and that affect you. You can only learn this through experience. You can learn this because your deepest inclinations always lead you into meaningful relationships and away from isolation or divisive engagements. You must practice this to learn it, and it will take time, but every Step you make in this direction will bring you closer to the source of love in your life and will demonstrate to you the Greater Power that abides with you which you must serve and which you must learn to receive.

In your two practice periods today, in silence and in stillness, receive this Greater Power and trust your deepest inclinations as you do so. Allow yourself to give these two practice periods your full attention, putting all other things aside for later consideration. Al…

Step Seventy-One

Step 71. I Am Here To Serve A Greater Purpose. You are here to serve a greater purpose, beyond mere survival and the gratification of the things you may think you want. This is true because you have a spiritual nature. You have a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. Your failure in this life is the failure to respond to your spiritual nature, which has been distorted and maligned by the religions of your world, which has been neglected and denied by the science of your world. You have a spiritual nature. You have a greater purpose to serve. When you trust your inclination for this purpose, you will be able to come closer to it. When you feel confident that it represents a genuine source of love, then you will begin to open yourself to it, and this will be a great homecoming for you.

In your two meditation practice periods today, allow yourself to open to the presence of love in your life. Sitting silently and breathing deeply, let yourself truly feel the presence of love, which si…

Step Seventy

Step 70. Review Today culminates ten weeks of practice. Congratulations! You have come this far. To be a true student means that you are following the Steps as they are given. To do this you must learn to honor yourself, to honor the source of your instruction, to recognize your limitations and to value your greatness. Thus it is that this is a day of honor and a day of acknowledgment for you.

Review the last three weeks of practice. Reread the instructions and recall each practice period. Recall what you gave and what you did not give. Honor your participation and attempt to strengthen it today. Deepen your resolve to have Knowledge and deepen your experience of being a true follower so that in the future you may learn to be a true leader. Deepen your experience of being a true recipient so that you may be a true contributor.

Let this day of review, then, be a day of honor for you and a day that strengthens your commitment. Honestly evaluate your participation. Assess your apparent su…