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Step Two Hundred and Ninety-Four

Step 294. Review Begin this two-week review with this invocation:

“I am now a student of Knowledge. I will learn of the meaning and the purpose of Knowledge through my participation. I will follow my participation without attempting to alter its methods or its lessons in any way because I wish to learn. I am a student of Knowledge in a world where Knowledge seems to be absent. For this reason I have been sent here to prepare to give that which Knowledge will wish to give to the world. I am a student of Knowledge. I am secure in my responsibility. In this, I will receive all that I truly desire, for I truly desire to love the world.”

Following this invocation begin your two-week Review. Beginning with the first day in this two-week period, read the lesson for that day and remember your practice. Continue on in this way to cover all the days in this two-week period, and then attempt to have an overview of your life during this practice time. Begin to see what has occurred in your life in…

Step Two Hundred and Ninety-Three

Step 293. I Do Not Wish To Suffer Today. Strengthen your resolve not to suffer today by being a student of Knowledge, by adhering to Knowledge and by devoting yourself to Knowledge. Do not let the world draw you into its meaningless pursuits, into its hopeless endeavors or into its incensed conflicts. All these things still hold attraction for you, yet do not allow yourself to give into them today, for the persuasions of the world are born of the world’s great anxiety and fear. Anxiety and fear are like diseases that affect minds. Do not allow your mind to be so affected today. You do not want to suffer today, and suffer you will if you follow the world’s persuasions. Participate in the world and fulfill your mundane responsibilities, but strengthen your resolve to be a student of Knowledge, for this will free you from all suffering and will give you the greatness that you are intended to give to the world.

Upon the hour confirm that you do not want to suffer today and realize the inev…

Step Two Hundred and Ninety-Two

Step 292. How Can I Be Angry With The World When It Only Serves Me? How can you be angry when the world serves you? When you recognize how much the world is serving you, which can only be recognized in the context of Knowledge, you will then end all of your hatred towards the world, all of your condemnation of the world and all of your resistance to the world. This will confirm your true destiny, your true origin and your true purpose for being in the world.

You have come into the world to learn and to unlearn. You have come into the world to recognize what is real and what is not. You have come into the world to be a contributor to the world, a contributor who has been sent from beyond the world to serve here. This is the real nature of your presence here, and though it may seem to conflict with your evaluation of yourself, it is true nonetheless and will be true regardless of your point of view, regardless of your own ideals and beliefs and regardless of whatever pursuits you may set…

Step Two Hundred and Ninety-One

Step 291. I Am Grateful To My Brothers And My Sisters Who Err Against Me. Be grateful to those who demonstrate the need for Knowledge. Be grateful to those who teach you that it is hopeless to engage in any pursuit in the world without Knowledge. Be grateful to those who save you time by demonstrating the results of things you are contemplating for yourself even now. Be grateful to those who show you your own great need in the world. Be grateful to those who demonstrate what you must give to the world. Be grateful to all those who seem to err against you, for they will show you what is necessary in your life, and they will remind you that Knowledge is your one true purpose, your one true goal and your one true expression.

In this, all who err against you become your friends, for even in their misery they serve you and will call upon you to serve them. Here all folly, error, confusion, ambivalence, conflict and war in the world can lead you to the conviction of Knowledge. In this way, t…

Step Two Hundred and Ninety

Step 290. I Can Only Be A Student. Therefore, I Will Be A Student Of Knowledge. In the world you are a student—always. Every day, every hour and every minute you are learning and attempting to assimilate your learning. You are either a student of Knowledge or a student of confusion. You are either a student of certainty or a student of ambivalence. You are either a student of wholeness and integrity or you are a student of conflict and war. You can only learn from being in the world, and you can only demonstrate the result of your learning.

Therefore, there is no choice whether you will be a student or not, for you will be a student even if you decide not to be a student. If you decide not to be a student, you will merely study another curriculum. In this, you have no choice, for to be in the world is to learn and to demonstrate the result of your learning. Recognizing this, your decision, then, is to determine where you will be a student and what you will learn. This is the power of d…

Step Two Hundred and Eighty-Nine

Step 289. Today I Am A Student Of Knowledge. Be a real student today. Give yourself entirely to your learning process. Do not assume anything, for true students do not assume anything, and that is what enables them to learn everything. Realize that you cannot comprehend Knowledge; you can only receive it. You can only experience its extension through your life into the world.

Therefore, allow yourself to be receptive to Knowledge. Do not allow yourself to be receptive to the ambivalence that permeates the world. Maintain your distance from this ambivalence, for you are not yet strong enough with Knowledge to face ambivalence and to render your gift into an ambivalent world. Do not be ambitious in this regard, or you will overstep your capacity and will fail as a result. As Knowledge grows and develops within you, it will lead you into areas where you are able to serve. It will lead you into situations where you have an adequate capacity to render it.

Be a student today. Do not try to u…

Step Two Hundred and Eighty-Eight

288. Enemies Are Only Friends Who Have Not Learned To Join. There are no true enemies in life, for all war and conflict are born of confusion. This you must understand. A life without Knowledge can only be confused and must create its own inner guidance system, which is merely the ideas and beliefs with which it identifies itself. Thus, individuals have their own individual purpose and self-identity. These evaluations clash with those of other individuals, and thus one to one, group to group, nation to nation and world to world, war is generated and waged.

In Knowledge this is not possible, for in Knowledge all are your friends. You recognize each person to be at whatever stage of development he or she is currently engaged. You may become involved with some of them, and with some of them you may not. Some of them may be able to receive your contribution directly, while others will need to receive it indirectly. But they are all your friends. There is no opposition in Knowledge, for the…

Step Two Hundred and Eighty-Seven

Step 287. With Knowledge I Cannot Be At War. With Knowledge you cannot be at war. You cannot be at war within yourself or with others, for with Knowledge there is only Knowledge and there is confusion in the world. Confusion does not require attack. Therefore, with Knowledge you are not at war, for you have one mind, one purpose, one responsibility, one direction and one meaning. The more your mind becomes uniform, the more your external life will become uniform as well. How can you be at war within yourself when you are following Knowledge? War is born of ambivalence where opposing value systems conflict with each other to gain your recognition. Competing ideas, competing emotions and competing values all wage war on one another, and you are caught in the middle of their great battles.

With Knowledge all of this is escaped. With Knowledge you cannot be at war within yourself. In time, all of your self-doubt, uncertainty, fear and anxiety will wear away. As they do so, you will increas…