Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Eight

Step 258. Who Are My Friends Today?
Your friends today are all who are reclaiming Knowledge and all who have reclaimed Knowledge. Your friends tomorrow will be all who will reclaim Knowledge. Therefore, everyone is either your friend or will become your friend. It is only a matter of time, and time can only seem long to those who dwell within it without purpose. But to those who dwell in time with purpose, time moves swiftly and brings about this great result.

Who are your friends today? Everyone is your friend or will become your friend. Therefore, why have an enemy? Why call another an enemy who is in opposition to you, for they will become your friend. Knowledge will join you. You are reclaiming Knowledge, so you are paving the way for this.

Who are your friends today? Your Teachers and your Spiritual Family and all who reclaim Knowledge. Thus, your range of friendship is enormous. There are many avenues in the reclamation of Knowledge, but the essence of learning is always to become engaged with Knowledge itself and to allow Knowledge to express itself through you. Thus, the universe is filled with your friends— some of whom you may recognize and some of whom you may not be able to recognize, some of whom you will be able to involve yourself with and some of whom you will not be able to involve yourself with, some of whom you will be able to accomplish things with and others whom you will not be able to accomplish things with. It is all a matter of time.

Repeat this idea upon the hour. Witness it as a signpost of reality for you. In your deeper practices, enter into stillness and silence so that you may experience the depth of your relationship with your true friends. Your life is filled with love. It is filled with the result of all those who are reclaiming Knowledge now. Your desire for Knowledge is motivated by all those who still refuse to reclaim Knowledge, for they in the future will be your friends as well. Given this viewpoint, you will recognize that even those who will be your friends in the future are in actuality your friends today, for they are serving you, and they are asking that you serve them through your accomplishment with Knowledge.

Practice 258: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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February 12, 2014 Round One: During my meditation for this Step, I could see pinpoints of light all over the globe indicating my friends in Knowledge. I do not know all my friends yet, but I do feel a growing network of people I feel connected with. And I wish to see people I have issues with in my immediate environment as future friends who will reclaim Knowledge in due time, not as people I feel opposed to. There are certain people I feel resentment toward. I wish to see them as people serving me in my efforts to become stronger in Knowledge and hopefully I can serve them.

Originally Posted by 010101 
This step Reveals that when someone is making a mistake they are being your friend by demonstrating the need for Knowledge. They are also being a friend by showing what not to do in a situation, and stimulating a desire for Knowledge.

Precisely! This is what is revealed to me in this Step too.

April 21, 2015 Round Two: I have no trouble accepting that everyone is my friend, even people I don’t know personally, have never seen, or never spoken to. There are no enemies, there are only those who are still lost and trying to find their way. They will succeed eventually. So we are all friends in this together.


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