Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Six

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Step 256. The World Is Emerging Into The Greater Community Of Worlds.
This is a statement of truth regarding the evolution of your world. It gives meaning and direction to your understanding of your participation and your contribution in the world. It is not meant to frighten you or to create uncertainty or anxiety because with Knowledge uncertainty and anxiety are not essential. With Knowledge there is no uncertainty, for the quietness of Knowledge is your certainty, the voice of Knowledge is your certainty and the movement of Knowledge is your certainty. All of your mental and physical abilities and faculties can serve to express this in whatever avenue you are destined to serve.

The statement that the world is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds is an affirmation of your purpose because your perception, your understanding and your appreciation of the world must grow. Your understanding of the world’s difficulties and opportunities must grow. You cannot hold a small vision of the world and possibly understand the meaning of your own Knowledge. You must think in a larger context. You must not think only of yourself— your wants and your fears—because you are part of a greater life which you have come to serve. The world that you are serving now and will learn to serve in the future is emerging into the Greater Community of Worlds.

Repeat this idea upon the hour and think of it as you view the world around you. In your deeper practices, engage your mind actively in attempting to understand today’s lesson. Today’s practice is not focused upon stillness but on comprehension. Here the mind is used meaningfully, for the mind should either be used meaningfully or not at all. Allow yourself to consider all of your ideas about today’s lesson. Concern yourself with understanding your objections, your beliefs, your fears and your preferences. When these have been recognized, you will be in a position to know. Knowledge will be stimulated by today’s lesson, for today’s lesson is to stimulate Knowledge.

Practice 256: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 7, 2014 Round One: This idea of the world emerging into the Greater Community sits perfectly well with me. I do not find it frightening, nor does it cause anxiety. Actually it confirms what I have long had an inkling about. It makes so much sense, particularly now that I am reclaiming Knowledge. For Knowledge is too vast to be concentrated in this small world alone, it has to embrace something greater, it has to be part of a much larger picture. And it is gratifying to know that I have my small part to play in this.

April 19, 2015 Round Two: I am still with this idea and still embrace it as a necessary truth. I appreciate thinking in a larger context.

I was moved by what I read in Secrets of Heaven: Secret 119. 

“Indeed, you have little notion of what exists beyond your boundaries. The world is like a village that has never been touched by the outside world. Preoccupied it is with its own difficulties and concerns. People in the village are very concerned, but ignorant. And as the outside world encroaches upon this village, does it not begin to feel the stress of this? And do not its divisions become manifested as it looks outward? It is a fair analogy. This world is a tiny village, preoccupied with itself, as when you were a tiny child preoccupied with yourself. And was not growing into adulthood difficult, with many disappointments and times of stress? And did not your parents look upon you, in wisdom perhaps, and remark that it was a difficult age to pass through as you became part of something greater, responsible for something greater and accountable to something greater?”

I literally wish to take this analogy with me to the village I am planning to move to, to bring this expansive thinking into my own reality, bring it back to my roots.


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