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Step Three Hundred and Twenty-Four

Step 324. I Will Not Judge Another Today. Again practice affirming this idea. Again apply it to your real experiences. Again strengthen your understanding that Knowledge is with you and does not require your judgment or evaluation.

Do not judge another today. Learn to see. Learn to hear. Learn to look. There is not one person in the world who cannot give you something beneficial if you will not judge them. There is not one person in the world who, through their accomplishments or their errors, cannot confirm the importance of Knowledge and cannot demonstrate its need in the world. Thus, those whom you love and those whom you despise all offer gifts to you of equal value. Those who you think are virtuous and those who you think are not virtuous all offer what is essential to you. The world in truth is demonstrating everything that this preparation is providing for you, if you will but look upon the world without judgment or condemnation. To the extent that you look upon another with jud…

Step Three Hundred and Twenty-Three

Step 323. My Role In The World Is Too Important To Neglect. Your role in the world is too important to neglect. Therefore, do not neglect it this day. Carry forth the resolution that yesterday’s Review has given to you. Carry forth that which you need to do to deepen your practice, to utilize your practice, to utilize your experience in the world for practice, to carry your practice into the world and to allow your world to support your practice. Do not neglect this, for if you neglect this, you but neglect yourself, your certainty, your fulfillment and your happiness.

Do not neglect the preparation that is underway now. Every day you strengthen this, and as you do this every day you advocate Knowledge. You advocate your participation in life. Indeed, even in your preparation now you are teaching Knowledge, and you are strengthening Knowledge in the world. Perhaps you cannot yet see this, but in time this will become so evident to you that you will learn to value every moment, every en…

Step Three Hundred and Twenty-Two

Step 322. Review Let us now review the past two weeks of preparation. Once again review each step, rereading its instructions carefully and recalling your practice for that particular day. Carry this forward for all the days in this two-week period. Be objective and recognize where your practice could have become deeper or more conscientious. Recognize how you still let the world overtake you and how you need to reapply yourself with greater certainty and determination. Do this objectively. Condemnation will only discourage you and will only lead you to quit your participation, for condemnation is simply the decision not to participate and the justification for not participating.

Therefore, do not fall into this habit, but view your participation objectively. Here you will learn how to learn, and you will learn how to prepare yourself and govern yourself. You must choose to participate, and you must choose to deepen your participation. Every decision you make on behalf of Knowledge is …

Step Three Hundred and Twenty-One

Step 321. The World Is Awaiting My Contribution.

Truly the world is awaiting your contribution, but remember your contribution will express itself in all things you do, great and small. So do not imagine for yourself a role that is grandiose or that will be devastatingly difficult. That is not The Way of Knowledge. Knowledge will express itself through all of your activities, for it is a presence you carry with you. As your mind and your life become free of conflict, this presence will express itself increasingly through you, and you will be a witness of Knowledge at work, both within yourself and within your life. Here you will begin to understand what it means to bring Knowledge into the world.

Your imagination has painted grandiose pictures and devastating nightmares for you. It is not in harmony with life. It exaggerates life in its hope and in its fear. It exaggerates your sense of yourself, primarily to your own self-deprecation. When your imagination is redirected by Knowledge, …

Step Three Hundred and Twenty

Step 320. I Am Free To Work Within The World. When the world does not oppress you, you are free to work in the world. When the world does not intimidate you, you are free to work in the world. When you recognize that the world is a place calling for your contribution, you are free to work in the world. Thus, the greater your experience of Knowledge within your life, the freer you are to work within the world. And work within the world you will in time, and your work will be far more effective, far more engaging and far more complete than anything you have done thus far. In your past you have been afraid of the world, intimidated by the world, angered by the world and depressed by the world. Therefore, your past contribution to the world has been limited by these reactions. You have been ambivalent about being in the world because you were afraid of the world. Perhaps you have sought refuge in spiritual things, but your true spiritual nature will redirect you into the world and bring yo…

Step Three Hundred and Nineteen

Step 319. Why Should I Be Afraid When A Greater Power Is In The World? Whenever you fall into the darkness of fear, you are withdrawing from Knowledge and entering the darkness of imagination. Whenever you fall into the darkness of your own fear, you are denying the reality of a Greater Power in the world and are thus losing its beneficence for yourself. Whenever you fall into the darkness of your own fear, you are following the teaching of fear, which runs rampant in the world. You are allowing yourself to be a student of fear. You are allowing yourself to be governed by fear. Recognize this and you will realize that this need not be, that you have the power to redirect your studenthood and that you have the ability to re-enter true preparation.

Think of this seriously today. Why should you be afraid when a Greater Power is in the world? This Greater Power which you are now learning to receive is the source of your redemption. What can you possibly lose as this source becomes recogniz…

Step Three Hundred and Eighteen

Step 318. There Is A Greater Power At Work In The World. There is a greater power at work in the world because there is a Greater Power at work in your life, and this Greater Power is at work in the lives of all who dwell here. Even if the majority of the inhabitants of your world are not yet ready to begin the reclamation of Knowledge, Knowledge dwells within them still and casts its influence upon them—an influence which will affect them in certain ways and which they will ignore in other ways. Yet, as you become the recipient and the representative of Knowledge and as you become the vehicle for Knowledge’s expression in the world, you will have the power to activate and to influence all who need to receive Knowledge within themselves. In this way, everything you do, great and small, becomes a blessing upon the world. You who are now learning to give up self-condemnation and to escape ambivalence will see the efficacy of your own Inner Guidance casting its spark of life upon the worl…

Step Three Hundred and Seventeen

Step 317. I Need But Relinquish My Ambivalence To Know The Truth. How simple it is to know the truth when the truth is truly desired. How easy it is to recognize ambivalence and to see its devastating impact upon your life. How simple it is to see the evidence of ambivalence in the world around you and how it undermines the deeper inclinations of all who dwell here. Seek, then, escape from ambivalence, for this is confusion. Seek, then, escape from the burden of constant decision making and choice, for this is a burden.

The man and woman of Knowledge need not burden themselves with constant deliberation of what they must do, how they must be, who they are and where they are going in life, for these things become known as each step is anticipated and taken. Thus, the great weight that you carry in the world is released from your shoulders. Thus, you begin to trust yourself and the world. Here peace is possible and assured even for those who are active in the world, for they carry stilln…