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Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Seven

Step 237. I Am Only Beginning To Comprehend The Meaning Of My Life. You are only beginning to comprehend the meaning of your life. This will naturally arise in your understanding without your efforts in attempting to conceptualize it. The meaning and purpose of your life will simply arise and be expressed today and tomorrow and in the days to come, for Knowledge is that simple and fundamental. Thus, your intellect can be used to deal with the physical necessities of your life, the particulars of your life and the mechanism of your life, for this is the application of the intellect. Yet, the greatness of Knowledge provides purpose, meaning and direction, which the intellect can never provide. Therefore, the intellect is a faculty that has a true function here, for it serves the greatness of Knowledge.

You are only beginning to comprehend the meaning of Knowledge and the nature of Knowledge. Think not that your conclusions thus far are adequate to your needs, for you are a beginning stud…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Six

Step 236. With Knowledge I Will Know What To Do. With Knowledge you will know what to do, and your certainty will be so strong that it will be difficult for you to doubt it or to argue against it. Here you must be prepared to act and act boldly. If your predominant concern is protecting your ideas and your physical body, then you will be afraid of Knowledge, fearing that it will lead you to do something that will be dangerous or harmful for you. Knowledge can only be demonstrated. Its beneficence must be experienced. It can only be experienced by accepting its presence and carrying out its direction.

With Knowledge you will know what to do, and your certainty will far exceed all of the pretenses you have made about certainty thus far. Self-doubt may continue in the face of Knowledge, but Knowledge is so much greater because your whole being will be engaged in the activity. Only the littleness of your self-doubt, born of your own false beliefs, can argue against it. Yet, its arguments a…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Five

Step 235. The Power Of Knowledge Is Becoming Evident To Me. It will take time for you to recognize the power of Knowledge, for it is far greater than anything you have imagined. Yet, it is far simpler and more subtle than that which you can yet comprehend. It can be seen in the innocence of a child’s eyes; it can be imagined in the greatness of the movement of galaxies. In the simplest gesture or the greatest act, it can manifest itself.

Allow yourself to accept that you are only beginning to realize the presence of Knowledge in your life and in all life. This is determined by your capacity for Knowledge, which, along with your desire for Knowledge, you are now cultivating. That is why day after day you practice stillness and peace and only interrupt these practices with practicing the active engagement of your mind for great purposes. Here you are building your capacity as well as your desire, for each day you must practice because of the desire for Knowledge, and each practice develo…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Four

Step 234. Knowledge Serves Humanity In All Ways. Knowledge activates all mental and physical abilities for good. It directs all manner of individual pursuits that are for the benefit of humanity. In the arts, in the sciences, in all endeavors, in the simplest gesture and the greatest act, Knowledge demonstrates a greater life and strengthens all of the highest qualities in individuals who are engaged with it.

Because Knowledge is great, you do not need to associate it only with great things, for the expression of Knowledge can permeate even the smallest word and the tiniest gesture. Thus, they too can have the greatest impact upon others. The power of Knowledge within one individual is to activate the power of Knowledge in other individuals and thus stimulate and support the regeneration of life within minds that are living in separate fantasies. Within the world you cannot see the overall potency of this, but you can experience it within your own life and see it demonstrated within th…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Three

Step 233. I Am Part Of A Greater Force For Good In The World. This statement is absolutely true, though from a separated point of view it may be very difficult to understand. It is not expected that you will understand today’s idea, but it is given you to experience its power and potency, for being representative of truth it can lead you to the truth, which is the experience of Knowledge. This is the greatest possibility for any idea—that it can be a doorway to Knowledge.

This idea, then, must be approached properly. You must realize the limitations of a separated point of view and not attempt to judge the value of this day’s idea. You cannot judge it. You can only respond to it or deny it because its truth is greater than your current interpretation. Recognizing your current limitations in this regard gives you access to greatness, for without protecting that which weakens you, you may find your way to that which strengthens you and gives you purpose, meaning and direction.

You are pa…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Two

Step 232. My Calling In Life Requires The Development Of Others. For your calling to emerge in your life, it is not merely your own development that is essential, but the development of others with whom you will be directly engaged. Because your purpose in life involves your engagement with others, it is not a singular pursuit. It is not an individual fulfillment. In reality, there is no individual who is completely separate from other individuals because individuality has meaning only in terms of expressing that which binds and joins all life.

Therefore, this day develop the wisdom and the understanding that your true accomplishment is dependent upon the accomplishment of others as well. Think not that you know who all these others are, for you have not met them all yet. Some are in this world, and some are beyond the world. They may not be in your personal sphere at all.

How, then, can you proceed when your accomplishment is partially dependent upon others? You proceed by giving your…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty-One

Step 231. I Have A Calling In This World. You have a calling in this world. It is not what you think it is. It will emerge from your Knowledge once Knowledge is allowed to emerge within your mind. You have a calling in this world because you have come here to do some very specific things. Your purpose in this world is to reclaim your Knowledge and to allow your Knowledge to express itself. That is a very simple statement of your purpose, but it is a statement that contains a great deal of depth and a great deal that must be fulfilled in time.

You have a calling in this world because you were sent here to do something. It is for this reason that your mind is the way it is and that you have a specific nature that is distinct from others. As your calling emerges, you will realize why you think and act the way you do, and all of this will be brought into true balance and harmony. This will erase all cause you have for self-condemnation, for your nature represents a usefulness that you have…

Step Two Hundred and Thirty

Step 230. My Suffering Is Born Of Confusion. Your suffering is born of confusion. Allow yourself to be confused so that you may recognize the true path of reclamation. Is this idea confusing to you? It may be confusing because people will not accept their confusion. They will tell lies about it, saying they are certain when they are confused, projecting blame upon others to excuse themselves or projecting blame upon themselves to excuse others. All of this represents confusion.

When you realize that you are confused, then you can claim the means to regain your certainty. If you do not accept that you are confused, you will impose substitutes for certainty upon yourself and the world and thus remove yourself from the possibility of receiving your certainty. This is why you must realize that your confusion is the source of your suffering, and you must allow yourself to be confused to recognize your true predicament. Recognizing your true predicament, you will see the great need for Knowl…

Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Nine

Step 229. I Will Not Blame Another For My Pain. Today’s idea represents a tremendous shift in understanding. It must be born of Knowledge to have true effectiveness, however. Its meaning is not immediately apparent, for you will soon find that there are many circumstances in which others seem completely responsible for your pain. It will be very difficult, given your habitual thinking and the assumptions upon which you live, to deny that others are indeed the cause of your pain. This, however, is not how Knowledge views you, and you must learn not to view yourself in this way.

Pain is always a decision that you make in response to any stimuli in your environment. The body will have physical pain if it is so stimulated, but that is merely a sensory response. It is not the true pain that hurts you. The pain that hurts you is the crown of thorns of your own ideas and assumptions, your own misgivings and misinformation and your own unforgiveness towards yourself and the world. This produce…

Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight

Step 228. I Will Not Be Poor Today. You need not be poor, for poverty is neither your heritage nor your true destiny. Do not be poor today, for Knowledge is the great wealth, and once it is allowed to emerge within any mind, it begins to generate its presence naturally in the world. It begins to balance and harmonize the mind that is its vehicle, and it begins to give specifically to certain individuals in specific ways. This is the genius that is with you. How can you be poor with such a gift? Only your self-deprecating ideas and forms of behavior can engender poverty.

Therefore, today begin to look more deeply at those things that are forms of obstruction to you. Think of this upon the hour. In your two deeper practice periods, engage your mind actively in attempting to discern specific forms of self-deception and self-obstruction. Do this without condemnation, but with the objectivity that is necessary to view yourself clearly. Do not be dismayed that there are many subtle forms of …

Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Step 227. I Will Not Think That I Know Today. Beginning Students Always Think They Know Things they don’t know, and they always think they don’t know things they do know. This requires a great deal of sorting out. It requires discovering the true and the false and, through this contrast, learning to separate the two. In time, you will realize the distinction between the true and the false and will not be deceived by the pretense the false can make in its imitation of the true.

Remind yourself upon the hour today not to think that you know. Thinking that you know is only a form of substitution. You either know or you don’t know. Your thinking here merely supports or denies that which you know. But thinking you know is thinking without Knowledge, which is always mindless and engenders confusion and self-doubt.

In your deeper practice periods today, do not be deceived by thinking that you know. Once again return to the pure experience of Knowledge itself. In stillness and in peace, totall…

Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Six

Step 226. Knowledge Is With Me. I Will Not Be Afraid. Knowledge is with you and when you are with Knowledge, you will not be afraid. In time, fear will become more and more external to your true experience as you learn to abide with Knowledge. The value of today’s idea must be recognized in light of the fact that your mind is engaged with fear habitually to such a great extent that it seems to make the reclamation of Knowledge and the application of Knowledge very difficult for you. This appears difficult only because your mind has been so habitually engaged with fear in the past. Habits can be broken. New habits of thinking and behavior can be instilled and strengthened. It is merely the result of applying your mind. It is the result of practice.

Today practice abiding with Knowledge, which will undo all the habits that have cast themselves against you and the world. Being in life is practice and is always a form of service. Today practice the truth and serve the truth, and in this al…