Step Two Hundred and Fifty-Seven

The Mandala of Brilliant Presence by Matt Licata

Step 257. Life Is Greater Than I Had Ever Realized.
Life is greater than you have ever realized and certainly greater than you have ever imagined. Its greatness is born of the fact that you live in a Greater Community of Worlds. Its greatness is born of the fact that Knowledge is the essential aspect of yourself which you carry within you. The greatness of life is affirmed with the presence of your Teachers and the presence of all who prepare to reclaim Knowledge with you.

Thus, you have a greater purpose in a greater universe. Thus, you can see your world in its proper context. Thus, you can see yourself in your proper context, for you will play a small part in the greater evolution of the world, and your part will be essential. It will be within your range and grasp to accomplish. Something small done for something great means that the smallest contribution bears the greatness of that which is served. This redeems you to yourself; this redeems you to life. This casts away all darkness and dispels all negative imagination, for you are serving a greater life.

In your longer practices engage yourself in trying to comprehend the meaning of today’s idea. Use your mind meaningfully. Use it actively and objectively, for this is the purpose of your mind.

Practice 257:
 Two 30-minute practice periods.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 10, 2014 Round One: For anyone still anxious that they are not going to be up to the task, or that their greater purpose might be something beyond their capabilities, this Steps says loud and clear:

"It will be within your range and grasp to accomplish."

This does indeed put things in the proper context for me. I can do something small to contribute to the greater whole, to serve a greater life. I can handle that. I don’t have to be thinking in momentous categories, thinking I have something mind-blowing or over-the-top to accomplish. No, it is something small, something "within my range and grasp to accomplish," something I know how to do and can do well, because it comes from my soul’s makeup, it is natural for me. And it is the same for everyone else. Each of us has this small, special task we can do. And all together we will do what needs to be done. We've got what it takes. Very redeeming indeed!

April 20, 2015 Round Two: I really do not have anything new to add this time. The fact that my life is greater than I ever realized is something I am integrating more and more into my being and recognizing as the truth. It is a greater truth about a greater reality and greater life. I am ready and willing to embrace this greater life.

P.S. I found the image for my photo quote in this blog I recently came across. There is something magical about what the author writes that resonates with me. The post with this image opens with a passage that moved me and spoke to me in the context of this step.

"When you feel lost between the worlds, you may become aware of a burning longing to resolve something, to convert the sacred question into an answer, to scramble back into the known, and to urgently locate a reference point in which you can finally make sense of the vast creativity that is erupting into your experience." 


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