Step Two Hundred and Five

Step 205. I Will Not Judge The World Today.
Do not let your mind deprecate itself by projecting blame upon the world. With blame the world becomes misunderstood, and your mind becomes a burden rather than an asset to you. Today’s idea requires practice, discipline and application, for your mind and all minds within the world have been misunderstood, misused and misdirected. Thus, you are now learning to utilize the mind positively by giving it a true function in service to Knowledge.

Do not blame the world today. Do not judge the world today. Allow your mind to be still as you look upon it. Knowledge about the world arises gradually. It arises naturally. An idea may speak of it, but an idea cannot contain it. Knowledge represents an overall shift in your viewpoint, an overall change in your experience, an overall shift in your emphasis and an overall transformation of your value system. This is the evidence of Knowledge.

Do not blame the world today. It is blameless, for it is merely demonstrating that Knowledge is not being adhered to. What else can it do but commit error and folly? What else can it do but waste its great resources? Humanity can only be in error without Knowledge. It can only create fantasy. It can only engage in loss. Therefore, it does not deserve condemnation. It deserves the application of Knowledge.

Practice upon the hour not blaming the world. Do not let hours pass without your involvement. Give this day to serve the world in this way, for without your condemnation your love for the world will naturally arise and be expressed. In your two deeper practice periods, allow your mind to enter stillness. Without blame and judgment, stillness becomes accessible because it is natural. Without the imposition of your condemnation, your mind is allowed to be still. In stillness there is no blame or judgment. In stillness love will flow from you in all directions and will continue far beyond what you can perceive through your senses.

Practice 205:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

October 19, 2013 Round One: I was out in the world today and able to look upon it without blame and judgment, without any condemnation, from a place of stillness. And amazing things came to pass, I feel as though I evidenced Knowledge.

“Knowledge represents an overall shift in your viewpoint, an overall change in your experience, an overall shift in your emphasis and an overall transformation of your value system.”

This cannot happen in one fell swoop, it is gradual, but I feel an overall shift is happening.

February 23, 2015 Round Two: The world cannot be blamed, for the world is where things are learned. The world is a school and does not have all the answers, because it is learning and evolving too. You cannot blame a child for not knowing all the answers. 

This is such a pertinent Step for me today. I am realizing that even though I expound non-judgment and not blaming the world, I still am judgmental at some level. I judge others for things I am guilty of myself. For instance, I was thinking how inattentive a particular person was, I had shared information that the person obviously paid no attention to or did not register – my judgment was – well, I guess that information was just not important enough to remember. Then I found myself in the very same situation. Someone shared information with me that I just disregarded and did not pay attention to. I chose not to heed it, I decided it did not apply to me and threw it into my mental trash basket. So I behaved in precisely the same way I was judging the other person for. Lesson learned.


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