Step Two Hundred and Four

Step 204. I Will Be At Peace Today.
Be at peace today. Let not your negative imagination conjure up images of loss and destruction. Let not your anxiety overtake your concentration on Knowledge. To objectively consider your world and the Greater Community in which you live should not incite fear but respect—respect for the power of the time in which you live and its importance for the future, respect for your own emerging abilities and their usefulness in the world that you perceive, respect for the greatness of the physical universe and respect for the power of Knowledge which is greater even than the universe that you perceive.

Remind yourself to be at peace upon the hour. Utilize your strength and your devotion for this. Give yourself to this. In your deeper meditation practices, using the RAHN word if necessary, allow your mind to become still so that it may enter into the greatness of Knowledge, which it is intended to serve. Be at peace today, for Knowledge is with you. Be at peace today, for you are learning to be with Knowledge.

Practice 204: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

October 17, 2013 Round One: I failed at this Step today. I allowed triggers to be activated that took me away from peace and a sober, objective assessment of a situation. I failed to concentrate on Knowledge and allow it to be my guide. The truth came in hindsight after I had already allowed myself to get bent out of shape and spoil things. I felt the heavy burden of remorse. However, I take comfort in knowing that I am still learning to be with Knowledge and some days will be easier than others. When I go astray, I need to redirect my mind back to Knowledge.

I revisited this post on the forum of the Free School and was delighted to reread the encouraging comments from other students (Max and Raoul) and see the quotes Lucille posted from the chapter "Achieving Peace" in Wisdom I from the Greater Community. I read that chapter myself recently and identified so well with what it says.

February 22, 2015 Round Two: Wisdom I "Achieving Peace:" "Peace is the full enjoyment of your natural mind and the complete utilization of your opportunity to be in the world."

It was so refreshing to read what is written here, it is buoying and freeing - following Knowledge is not burdensome and heavy, but light and joyous. Today I am at peace. I have reached that place this time where I no longer conjure up negative images or allow my mind to paint pictures of doom and gloom. Remorse is not my experience today.

I listened to Ursula, but did not let my negative imagination conjure up images of loss and destruction. I did not allow my anxiety to overtake my concentration on Knowledge. I was at peace today.


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