Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Five

Step 235. The Power Of Knowledge Is Becoming Evident To Me.
It will take time for you to recognize the power of Knowledge, for it is far greater than anything you have imagined. Yet, it is far simpler and more subtle than that which you can yet comprehend. It can be seen in the innocence of a child’s eyes; it can be imagined in the greatness of the movement of galaxies. In the simplest gesture or the greatest act, it can manifest itself.

Allow yourself to accept that you are only beginning to realize the presence of Knowledge in your life and in all life. This is determined by your capacity for Knowledge, which, along with your desire for Knowledge, you are now cultivating. That is why day after day you practice stillness and peace and only interrupt these practices with practicing the active engagement of your mind for great purposes. Here you are building your capacity as well as your desire, for each day you must practice because of the desire for Knowledge, and each practice develops your capability to experience Knowledge.

You are beginning to recognize the presence of Knowledge, the power of Knowledge and the evidence of Knowledge. Remind yourself of this upon the hour and do not forget. Once again, in the depth of your longer practice periods, give yourself completely to entering stillness and peace, for this will undo all blame and unforgiveness within you and will show you the power of Knowledge, which you are now learning to accept.

Practice 235:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge. 

December 27, 2013 Round One: I have an immense desire for Knowledge and I am beginning to realize the presence of Knowledge in my life. When I allow my mind to be still, I can indeed know things. In stillness, the truth emerges and answers come. It may not even be answers, it is just an inner knowing, a realization that what surfaces in my mind when it is still is the truth. It is so empowering to know I am learning to accept Knowledge and recognize it when it comes. I am beginning to see a larger perspective, I am slowly embracing the wisdom from the Greater Community and experiencing it in my life.

The power of Knowledge is becoming evident to me - I can affirm this.

March 27, 2015 Round Two:  The power of Knowledge is subtle and unobtrusive. I am often not aware of it until after the fact. It emerges and blossoms while I am looking the other way, and I need to turn back and witness the glory of it.

While out walking today, I remembered that the first time I had thoughts about living somewhere in the Russian countryside, disappearing into the woodwork, I was on the bus to Vladimir with the group of students studying at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow in 1981. I sat next to Alan, the Middlebury group’s supervisor, who was also a British ex-pat, and talked to him about Westerners who voluntarily came to live in Russia. Tomorrow I am going to Vladimir again, 34 years later, to look at a house in the country I may be able to live in. This is the power of Knowledge.


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