Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight

This painting is called "Singing About the Universe" by Doctor Hasai Aliev, author of The Synchromethod

Step 228. I Will Not Be Poor Today.
You need not be poor, for poverty is neither your heritage nor your true destiny. Do not be poor today, for Knowledge is the great wealth, and once it is allowed to emerge within any mind, it begins to generate its presence naturally in the world. It begins to balance and harmonize the mind that is its vehicle, and it begins to give specifically to certain individuals in specific ways. This is the genius that is with you. How can you be poor with such a gift? Only your self-deprecating ideas and forms of behavior can engender poverty.

Therefore, today begin to look more deeply at those things that are forms of obstruction to you. Think of this upon the hour. In your two deeper practice periods, engage your mind actively in attempting to discern specific forms of self-deception and self-obstruction. Do this without condemnation, but with the objectivity that is necessary to view yourself clearly. Do not be dismayed that there are many subtle forms of self-deception. They are merely slight variations upon very simple themes. Their seeming complexity and number are unimportant except that you recognize them. They are all born of fear and the attempt to offset fear by engaging in illusion and by attempting to engage others in supporting illusion. All ideas without Knowledge serve this purpose, either directly or indirectly. Yet, real purpose is the great force behind ideas that are for true service, as it is the great force behind all forms of action and behavior that are for true service.

Today we will look at obstacles, but not with shame, guilt or anxiety. Look only to strengthen the presence and the application of Knowledge and only to prepare yourself to be a greater vehicle for Knowledge in the world. That is the purpose of today’s practice. Therefore, practice with true intent. You are greater than the errors that you perceive, and they cannot deceive you if you look at them objectively.

 228: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 17, 2013 Round One: This Step is a true gift since it presents a constructive way to look at obstacles and hindrances, the folly of my thinking and the errors I make. I am beginning to see the ways I engage in self-deception and self-obstruction. I understand it is only a beginning though, that it will take much more penetration and deeper insight to reveal all the subtle ways I deceive myself. I like to think that I have learned to be brutally honest with myself, but maybe this too is self-deception. But I appreciate that Knowledge is a great wealth, and if my sights are set on reclaiming it, I indeed cannot be poor. I wish it to balance and harmonize my mind so that I can give specifically to certain individuals in specific ways. This is truly empowering and I believe it to be true. I am striving for this with continued dedication and perseverance.

March 20, 2015 Round Two: What came to mind as I practiced this Step today in the form of obstructions I create for myself is how I allow other people’s opinion to affect me. Luckily, I have reached a point where I immediately catch my reaction and adjust it. There is a momentary setback when I allow myself to think that another person’s opinion is more valid than my own, that another person has a more solid grasp on what is going on, while I am airy-fairy, if not downright ridiculous. But I pull myself up and set myself back on course, for my experience tells me that my perspective serves me well, and I do not need to be dissuaded by others. Everyone has a different perspective and one is no better or worse than another, it is just different and hopefully serves the person who holds it. I will not be deceived.

Today the planet celebrated a solar eclipse, super moon and the Spring Equinox. I can’t say that this meant anything to me in particular or had a special effect on me. I enjoyed some powerful meditation though and did things I do not usually do, so I felt blessed and certainly not poor.


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