Step Two Hundred and Thirty

Step 230. My Suffering Is Born Of Confusion.
Your suffering is born of confusion. Allow yourself to be confused so that you may recognize the true path of reclamation. Is this idea confusing to you? It may be confusing because people will not accept their confusion. They will tell lies about it, saying they are certain when they are confused, projecting blame upon others to excuse themselves or projecting blame upon themselves to excuse others. All of this represents confusion.

When you realize that you are confused, then you can claim the means to regain your certainty. If you do not accept that you are confused, you will impose substitutes for certainty upon yourself and the world and thus remove yourself from the possibility of receiving your certainty. This is why you must realize that your confusion is the source of your suffering, and you must allow yourself to be confused to recognize your true predicament. Recognizing your true predicament, you will see the great need for Knowledge, and this will engender in you the dedication and the self-application that is necessary for you to receive that which is your inheritance.

Today repeat this idea upon the hour and do not forget to do so. In your two longer practice periods, engage your mind actively in attempting to understand the depth and the meaning of today’s idea. Recognize objectively all of the feelings and the thoughts that are in favor of it and all of the feelings and the thoughts that are opposed to it. Take special care to recognize any objection that you might have to today’s idea. Then, recognize the power of this idea within your own mind. This will give you a recognition of today’s idea and its true meaning. This will also help enable you to realize objectively the current construction of your mind. This is all part of your education as a student of Knowledge. Give yourself to considering today’s idea and do not be complacent with simple answers and explanations, for today’s idea contains a gift you have not yet experienced.

Practice 230: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 21, 2013 Round One: I accept that I am confused and have no objection to this idea. I recognize the power of my confusion, because only by understanding that I am confused can I be free to find the truth. I admit I am confused and then wait for the truth to emerge, wait for Knowledge to emerge, which is the only thing that can lead me out of my confusion to receive my certainty. So many things I wish to be certain about or think I am certain about escape me, leave me confused. But this is okay, for Knowledge is growing stronger and emerging in me every day.

March 22, 2015 Round Two: I continue to appreciate this concept of confusion and value the eventual clarity that confusion brings. Only by first being confused can I then come to a deeper understanding.

Today I am not so much confused as irritated and out of sorts. I am not sure of the source of my irritation and feeling of “being out of whack” with things. I am waiting to for greater clarity, I am waiting to see what a certain situation will bring. I do not want to fall into false hopes and expectations. I am still confused about this, but hoping that the fog will lift and I will return to a position of equilibrium and well-being.


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