Step Three Hundred and Eleven

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Step 311. The World Is Calling Me. I Must Prepare To Serve It.
You have come to serve the world, yet you must prepare to serve it. You cannot prepare yourself, for you do not know what you are preparing for, and you do not know the methods of preparation, for these must be given to you. But you do know that you must prepare, and you do know that you must follow the steps of preparation, for this is in your Knowledge already.

You have come to serve the world. If this is denied or neglected, you will fall into disarray within yourself. If your purpose is not being served and furthered, you will feel alienated from yourself, and you will fall into the darkness of your own imagination. You will condemn yourself and believe that God condemns you as well. God does not condemn you. God calls you to recognize your purpose and fulfill it.

Let not ambition take you into the world prematurely. Remember you are a student of Knowledge. You follow Knowledge in the world because you are preparing to be a vehicle for its contribution and a recipient of its gifts. This will require restraint on your part. This will require adherence to a greater preparation. A student need only follow the guidance of the instruction. A student need only trust in the power of the instructor. Your Knowledge will confirm this and will dispel your uncertainty here, for your Knowledge is returning to its Home and to its Source. It is returning to that to which it must return. It is responding to that which it must fulfill in the world.

Do not hate the world or resist it, for it is the place where you will fulfill your destiny. Thus, it deserves your gratitude and appreciation. Yet, also remember to respect the power of its confusion and its inducements. Here you must be strong with Knowledge, and though you appreciate the world for strengthening your resolution for Knowledge, you also take note of the world’s confusion and enter into the world carefully, with discernment and adherence to Knowledge. All of these are important, and we will remind you of them as we proceed, for they are essential for you to learn Wisdom as a student. It is both your desire for Knowledge and your capacity for Knowledge that we must cultivate and that you must learn to receive.

: Read the lesson three times today.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

April 23, 2014 Round One: I have no wish to fall into the darkness of my imagination or become alienated from myself. I am only just beginning to reap the benefits to becoming united with myself, of becoming reunited with Knowledge, so I wish to do all in my power to follow the instructions being given me and prepare for what it is the world is calling me to do.

All in all I am finding this practice very empowering and am feeling how Knowledge is dispelling my uncertainty and leading me Home.

June 17, 2015 Round Two: What comes through for me this time when reading this Step is caution, the ability to bide my time and observe, wait, be discreet and discerning. I am preparing, but I don’t know precisely what I am preparing to do. I can only trust that my preparation will take me in the right direction and eventually show me what I need to do. This is not walking blindly in the dark, since I have the lamp of Knowledge to guide my way.

This is in perfect resonance with what Marshall said at the end of the final broadcast of the 2015 Steps Vigil:

“Let us then hold this sacred amidst all of the chaos in the world, amidst the fear and uncertainty within yourselves, the sacred flame. For God has given you a light, a lamp, and with this lamp you can begin to see where you are, in the darkness, you can begin to see your own condition, in the darkness, you can take stock around you that you could not see before, you see your circumstances, which could not be seen before, because the lamp is being brought forth. You cannot extinguish this lamp, it can only be neglected, or denied, or hidden. But once you begin to find it you will know it is there, and you will want it and need it ever so much as you go forward into the difficult times to come.”


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