Step One Hundred and Fifty-Three

Eyes as windows to the soul.

Step 153. My Source Wishes To Express Itself Through Me.
You were created to be an expression of your source. You were created to be an extension of your Source. You were created to be a part of your Source. Your life is communication, for communication is life. Communication is the extension of Knowledge. It is not merely the sharing of little ideas from one separated mind to another. Communication is far greater, for communication creates life and extends life, and within this is all joy and fulfillment. Within this is the depth of all meaning. Here darkness and light mix together and cease their separation. Here all opposites blend and melt into each other. This is the unity of all life.

Allow yourself, then, to experience yourself as a vehicle of communication, and know what you truly wish to communicate will be fully expressed as well, for the self that you genuinely are is an extension of the Self that is life itself. In this, you will be completely affirmed and life will be affirmed around you. Your gifts will be received and integrated by life, for giving of this nature can only yield a greater result, beyond the comprehension of humanity.

Remind yourself upon the hour that you were meant to express the will of your Source. Within your two practice periods today, allow yourself to enter stillness and peace once again. Allow yourself to be an open vehicle through which life may flow freely, through which life may express itself today.

Practice 153: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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June 9, 2013 Round One: This Step rings so deep and true for me today. I feel as though this is precisely what I am doing and being - a vehicle of communication. When I speak from my heart, I cannot help but be an expression of life. And this brings me into unity with all life. I trust that what I am communicating today will be received and integrated by life. I do not need to know how or to comprehend, I only need to trust that it is so.

December 25, 2014 Round Two: I feel the same way today. This is a very beautiful and meaningful Step. When I speak from my heart, I cannot help but be an expression of life. When my true motive is giving and loving, I cannot help but be an expression of life. My source wishes to express itself through me. This is the only way it can be and I will be a vehicle for this communication.

I share in conjunction with this Step "A Blessing for These Holy Days - The Deeper Meaning of Your Life."


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