Step Two Hundred and Eighty-Nine

Step 289. Today I Am A Student Of Knowledge.
Be a real student today. Give yourself entirely to your learning process. Do not assume anything, for true students do not assume anything, and that is what enables them to learn everything. Realize that you cannot comprehend Knowledge; you can only receive it. You can only experience its extension through your life into the world.

Therefore, allow yourself to be receptive to Knowledge. Do not allow yourself to be receptive to the ambivalence that permeates the world. Maintain your distance from this ambivalence, for you are not yet strong enough with Knowledge to face ambivalence and to render your gift into an ambivalent world. Do not be ambitious in this regard, or you will overstep your capacity and will fail as a result. As Knowledge grows and develops within you, it will lead you into areas where you are able to serve. It will lead you into situations where you have an adequate capacity to render it.

Be a student today. Do not try to use the learning to fulfill your own ambitions with it. Do not let your own personal ideas guide you today, but be a student of Knowledge. When you are certain of something, carry it forth as wisely and as appropriately as possible. When you are uncertain of something, return to Knowledge and simply be at peace with Knowledge, for Knowledge will guide you. In this way, you will become a true and active agent of Knowledge in the world. Knowledge will extend itself through you into the world, and all that you receive will be given into the world through you.

In your deeper practices today strengthen your ability to enter into the realm of Knowledge. Today go deeper than you have ever gone before. Today be a student of Knowledge. Enter Knowledge. Experience Knowledge. In this way, you will become more and more engaged with its power and its grace. In this way, you will realize its purpose in the world, which can only be realized through participation.

 289: Two 30-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

March 26, 2014 Round One: This Step is a valuable reminder for me about not assuming anything. I am finding that even as I feel a stronger connection to Knowledge and am experiencing Knowledge in my life, it is easy to assume and be drawn in by the ambivalence and confusion in the world. So I am glad for this reminder again today that I am a student and am still learning and must not be ambitious in this regard. I am concentrating on Knowledge growing and developing in me and leading me into areas where I can truly serve.

“It will lead you into situations where you have an adequate capacity to render it.”

I am trusting in this and wish to become more and more engaged with the power and the grace of Knowledge.

May 26, 2013 Round Two: I feel I have a stronger sense of where I can serve and in what capacity I can serve in the world, and I am not driven by ambition. I have no ambitions regarding recognition, wealth, acquisition. I wish today only to prepare for what is to come and be ready to fulfill the task that I need to fulfill. So I can only be a student of Knowledge in this respect and trust that I will be led to situations where I have an adequate capacity to render Knowledge into the world. I am looking to Knowledge for guidance and trust it will lead me where I need to go.

The Steps Vigil began today and it was a very powerful time for me. I feel as though I am seeing a clearer pathway forward, I am feeling the Presence of my Teachers with greater potency, I am hearing the call. It is speaking personally to me, but this is not a pursuit for personal enhancement, it is a call to serve a greater purpose in the world. I am feeling that the environment I am currently in, the new place I am living, is conducive to this call. I am preparing for what is to come.

Marshall said that the Steps to Knowledge is being revealed for the first time in its current form to the human family. He begins speaking at around the 1.14 mark in the Steps Vigil Opening Broadcast. 


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