Step One Hundred and Thirty-Six

Step 136. My Purpose Is To Reclaim My Knowledge And To Allow It To Express Itself In The World.
This will answer your questions concerning your purpose. As you follow this purpose, your calling in life—which is a specific role that you will be asked to take—will naturally emerge step by step. It will not require your definition. It will simply emerge, and you will understand it more deeply and more completely with each step, for each step will fulfill it even more.

Your Knowledge is your purpose. Remind yourself of this upon the hour, and be glad that an answer has been given. But the answer is not merely an idea. It is an opportunity for preparation, for all true answers to all genuine questions are some form of preparation. It is the preparation that you require and not answers alone. Your mind is full of answers already, and what have they done but add to the burden of your thinking? Follow, then, the preparation given this day and each day within our program so that you may receive the answer to your question. Your purpose is to reclaim your Knowledge, and that is what we will undertake today.

Again, remind yourself of your affirmation upon the hour. Give it thought throughout the day so that it may be the sole focus of your understanding today. In your two longer meditation practices, continue to repeat the word RAHN, which will stimulate Ancient Knowledge within you. You do not need to understand the potency of this practice to receive its full benefit. To receive its full benefit you need only practice it as it is given.

Practice 136: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 9, 2013 Round One: My purpose is to reclaim Knowledge and then pass it on by allowing it to express itself in the world – it is as simple as that. Of course, easier said than done. It is one thing to understand and realize my purpose, but quite another to make it my reality, to experience it every day, to make it a part of my daily life. But it is a relief to know that my purpose is not associated with material accomplishments, career promotions, making more money, accumulating more belongings, and particularly not with making a name for myself in the world. All I need to do is make my own small contribution by pursuing Knowledge and manifesting it in my life, continuing my climb up the mountain.

December 7, 2014 Round Two: I remember the joy I felt when I did this Step the first time and the relief of thinking I had received the answer. But now I realize it is not this simple, this is not the entire answer, this is just the beginning. Knowing my purpose is to reclaim my Knowledge and allow it to express itself in the world is not the end of the matter. This is when the real work begins.

And what do you know, I opened Secrets of Heaven just now and read on page 116, “If we but give you the first piece of the puzzle will you run around saying it is the answer, when it is but the first piece? And can you wait patiently while hundreds of pieces are given to you, patiently fitting them together in sequence?”

This is the whole point, it is a puzzle of a multitude of pieces and I cannot fit them together in sequence in one day, one week, or even one year. It is a slow, methodical and ongoing process. But God has placed the blessing of Knowledge in our hearts and “we have been given a preparation for reclaiming our relationship with Knowledge, all we have to do is execute the preparation and trust because we must,” to quote another fellow responder on the same path.

All I can say today is I am happy to be consciously aware of this Knowledge that God has placed within me and also very happy for the preparation given to reclaim this Knowledge. It is my task now, armed with this conscious awareness, to slowly but surely take the steps required to fulfill it.


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