Step One Hundred and Thirty

Step 130. Relationships Will Come To Me When I Am Prepared.
Why strive for relationships in the world when genuine relationships will come to you as you are prepared? To understand this, you must have great faith in the power of Knowledge within yourself and within others. As this awareness grows, the basis for your striving and desperate pursuits will fall away, making true peace and accomplishment possible for you.

Individuals will come to you through mysterious means because you are cultivating Knowledge. As you have relationships with one another on a personal level, you also have relationships on the level of Knowledge. It is this level that you will begin to experience, in small increments at first. Eventually, if you pursue your preparations appropriately, this experience will grow and become quite profound for you.

You do not need to seek for relationships. You need only give yourself to your preparation and have confidence that people will come to you when you need them. This will require that you assess your needs in contrast to your wishes. If your wishes do not represent your genuine needs, then you will confuse your life terribly. You will place a burden upon yourself and upon those with whom you are engaged that can only oppress them, and you as well. Without this oppression, people will be free to come to you as you truly need them.

Remind yourself of this upon the hour today, and in your two longer practice periods allow your mind to enter receptivity. Allow yourself to feel the presence of your Teachers. Do not exacerbate yourself with desires for relationship and your requirements for individuals or for what they may possess. Have confidence today that Knowledge will draw all people to you as you truly need them.

Practice 130:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 1, 2013 Round One: I have great faith in the power of Knowledge within myself and within others and know that I will meet the right people at the right time. I do not strive for relationships; I know that the people I am supposed to meet will show up naturally, even mysteriously, when least expected and right when I need them. I have had experience of this mysterious working of Knowledge and the Universe. This is a comfortable Step for me, since I know exactly what it is talking about.

November 30, 2014 Round Two: I know I will meet the people I am supposed to meet when I need to meet them. Of late, I am waiting to meet someone (a native Russian) who will feel moved to help translate the NM teachings and Steps to Knowledge in particular into Russian. Since Russian is not my native language I am unable to translate into it without making grammar and stylistic mistakes. Since I am a professional translator into English I have a certain ethical attitude toward translation. I was taught at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California where I got my Masters in Russian-English Translation that translators should only translate into their native language. I have followed this professional ethic ever since, but now I feel deeply moved to translate the NM into Russian. I cannot do it on my own though, so I am hoping to meet someone who also feels deeply moved to do the same, someone I can work together with, someone here in Russia.

As for other relationships, I can only operate from where I am at the moment. Is there some higher purpose in my relationships? I like to think so, I think I know, but do I really?

I opened Secrets to Heaven at p. 195 and read:
“There are a great many attractions in the world that wish to be known as relationship. Indeed, they are not real relationship, for they are without purpose. In fact they obstruct purpose. These attractions may be quite powerful because they appear to possess certain qualities that the individuals involved feel they are personally lacking. If these relationships were seen in truth, they would be seen to lack substance, for the motivating force behind them is need and uncertainty, rather than purpose. In order for these relationships to be sustained, the need and uncertainty that are their source must be maintained, for when the need and uncertainty are gone, so goes the relationship.” 

P.S. I have found a native Russian girl here in Russia to help translate the New Message into Russian. She is my proofreader and as dedicated to the New Message as I am. She is a wonder! Thank you, Amina! 


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