Step Forty-Two

Step 42. Review
In your review today, review all of the instructions given in the past week and your experiences of practice. Take special care today to see how deeply and how carefully you are practicing. Make sure that you are not changing or adjusting the lessons to meet your tastes or expectations. Remember that you need only follow the curriculum to receive its true rewards. Your part is small. Our part is great. We give the means. You need only follow them, in faith and in true expectation. In doing this, you will develop patience, discernment, trust, consistency and self-worth. Why self-worth? Because you must value yourself highly to allow yourself to approach the great gifts of Knowledge. Nothing else will undo self-hatred and self-doubt more expediently and more completely than receiving the gifts that are meant for you.

Therefore, in your one long practice period today, review the past week of practice. Without judgment look and see what has been offered, what you have done and what can possibly be done to deepen your practice so that you may receive its benefits more directly. If you are having difficulty, recognize the problems and attempt to correct them. Give the week ahead greater involvement. In doing so, you will correct self-doubt and confusion merely by directing your will.

Practice 42: One long practice period.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

December 20, 2012 Round One: Self-worth…. This is a tough one because for me it seems so easy for a feeling of self-worth to develop into arrogance, and whenever that happens I am brought back to earth with a thud. The self-worth it talks about here though has a different quality that I want to cultivate—valuing myself enough to feel I am worthy of the great gifts of Knowledge—hmmm, there seems to be something in that. And again, looking at things without judgment is certainly an attribute to be cultivated.

I want to take what is being offered and use for my Higher Good and, since I am part of the whole, for the Higher Good of the rest of humanity. I humbly wish to follow in faith and true expectation, and receive the true rewards.

August 13, 2014 Round Two: The reviews allow for stock-taking, a time to reflect on the past week of lessons and think about how carefully and deeply I am practicing.

"Take special care today to see how deeply and how carefully you are practicing."

I feel that I am practicing deeply and carefully because Steps live in me as guide for being and doing. I do not have to make a special effort to integrate what they are recommending.

"Make sure that you are not changing or adjusting the lessons to meet your tastes or expectations."

However, this sentence brought me up short. I thought, whoa! Am I not doing that? Am I not changing and adjusting the lessons to meet my tastes? I do not always do the two practices religiously, do not spend thirty minutes twice a day (in those steps that call for it).

This review has given me the following understanding: my life is a mystery to explore, there is a way to Knowledge, the power of God is with me, and I am worthy of these gifts. If I accept the mystery, understand that I am making my way toward Knowledge, trust that the power of God is leading me in the right direction, and know I am worthy of being a recipient of these gifts, I am in a position to step boldly on toward reclaiming my True Self. 

I do not share everything that came to me in this review. Some things I keep within myself because there they remain sacred and an expression of my personal experience.


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