Bonus Step between Steps 9 and 10

Why Am I Doing This Anyway?

Very good question! Why are you doing this anyway? Why are you asking such questions? Why do you seek for greater things? Why are you exerting the effort? These questions are inevitable. We anticipate them. Why are you doing this? You are doing this because it is essential. If you wish to live anything greater than a purely superficial and unstable life, you must penetrate deeper and not be confident based only upon weak assumptions and hopeful expectations. There is a greater gift awaiting you, but you must prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Without Knowledge, you are unaware of your purpose. You are unaware of your origin and your destiny, and you will pass through this life as if it were a troubled dream and no more.

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This bonus comes between Steps 9 and 10 of Steps to Knowledge. These questions are asked almost rhetorically, as though the creators of Steps are anticipating what students may be feeling and asking at this point. They do not wait for an answer, but go on to give the answer themselves. And how can I argue? They tell me I am doing this because it is essential. And I cannot help but agree.

When I did Steps the first time, I wrote in response to these questions, “I am doing this because I yearn for Knowledge. I want to know!”

I can say that I feel precisely the same way this time too, except this time, I feel I have a more solid foundation beneath me. I am more aware this time of how I do indeed wish to live something greater than a purely superficial and unstable life. I wish to infuse meaning into what otherwise might be a meaningless existence. Life cannot be meaningless, cannot merely be a troubled dream, that just does not make sense, so there has to be something more. And I am doing this to discover what it is. I wish to penetrate deeper.

Third time (June 26, 2018) I am reiterating to myself the answers given here. I am doing this because it is essential, because I wish to penetrate to a deeper level regarding my life, because a greater gift is awaiting me, because I wish to be aware of my purpose, my origin and my destiny. I do not wish to pass through this life as though it were a troubled dream. I wish to remember my Ancient Home while here in the world. I wish to reclaim my Knowledge and know my True Self. I have done the troubled dream thing before and it is no longer for me.


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