Step Two Hundred and Sixty-Nine

Step 269. The Power Of Knowledge Will Extend Itself From Me.
The power of Knowledge will extend itself from you who are receiving Knowledge. At first this will be very subtle, but as you continue to develop and apply yourself, the power of Knowledge will become stronger and stronger. It will be a force of attraction for some. It will be a force of rejection for others who are unable to respond to it. It will influence all. That is why you must learn to be very discerning in relationships, for as you progress as a student of Knowledge, your influence over others will be greater. You must not use this influence for selfish purposes, or your activities will be destructive to you and to others.

Knowledge provides this restraint that we have spoken of, and you must exercise it on your own behalf. If you are ambitious with Knowledge, you will pose very great risks to yourself and to other people, for Wisdom, compassion, restraint and self-control must accompany the development of Knowledge. If you attempt to use Knowledge for your own selfish gain or for what you think the world needs, you will lead yourself astray and Knowledge will not accompany you.

Accept the restraint and development that are called for now, for they will protect you and enable you to render your gifts with a minimum of discord and personal risk. They will guarantee the wholeness and worthiness of your contribution, for it will be untainted by selfish motives. Practice upon the hour and enter deeply into meditation twice today. Repeat your idea for the day and enter into stillness once again. Allow this to be a day where Knowledge is strengthened.

Practice 269: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 28, 2014 Round One: As I did this step, I kept wondering “how do I know whether I am being ambitious with Knowledge or not?” However, the step says that Knowledge will provide the restraint required, so if I have my wits about me I should be immediately aware if I am not applying Knowledge properly. Hmmmm.

There are certain areas of my life, my work, for instance, where I hope that Knowledge is leading to the right attractions. For instance, I am looking for a literary agent to represent a novel by a Russian author I have translated into English. This author wishes the translations of his novels to be published in the West. It is a daunting task that has brought rejection upon rejection so far. Is he being overly ambitious, which is why all my attempts are ending in failure? Am I being too ambitious by hoping that someone will recognize the merits of my translation? I know the literary marketplace is very competitive and sometimes it is just a matter of luck, approaching the right person at the right time. I am hoping that the power of Knowledge as it extends from me will bring the right resolution of this task. I pray that I will know how to extend this Knowledge wisely and apply it will bring the most beneficial results.

Or am I totally out in left field somewhere and just don’t get it?

The chapter on "Ambition" in Wisdom from the Greater Community, Vol. II really helped me to gain a deeper understanding here.

May 6, 2015 Round Two: Interestingly enough, the issue I wrote about the first time I did this Step has already resolved itself. I told the author a few months later, after continuing to come up against a brick wall in finding him a publisher, that I did not feel up to the task (my job is to translate) and perhaps he could find someone else to do the publisher scouting. This was after he voiced the suggestion of sending me to book fairs and the like in Europe, to which I told him a resounding “No!” And lo and behold, he soon hired a young Russian girl to carry out this work, and she has successfully found a publisher for my translation. And it was published about a month ago. I am not even listed anywhere in the book as the translator – so how about that for not being ambitious, eh? I seek no personal gain from this endeavor, I just translated as best I could.

And my other work issue has resolved itself without any major upheaval or conflict (why was I thinking it would be a problem?). My editor knows now about my move out to the country and is taking it in her stride. She says she is happy for me and is not asking a bunch of questions, but then I am not offering a bunch of details. I feel as though Knowledge has been prompting me all the way on this. When I open my mind to the guidance of the deeper spiritual essence with me (Knowledge) I am rewarded with beneficial results, harmony, and no conflict. I wish to be a vehicle for extending the power of Knowledge into the world.


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