Step Two Hundred and Sixty-Five

Krasnaya Ushna, Vladimirskaya Oblast, Russia

265. There Is A Greater Freedom Awaiting Me.
Knowledge will require you to be free of the past and free of anxiety over the future. It will require you to be present with life. It will require you to be open and honest. It will require you to have faith and consistent self-application. It will require that you not be in conflict. It will require that you have great love and respect for yourself and a great appreciation for the world. It will require that you be able to experience your Spiritual Family and recognize your true place in the universe.

Knowledge requires this of you in order for you to fully extend yourself to accept it. In this way, you become free in learning to become free. You become guided by Knowledge by learning to become guided by Knowledge. Here you achieve the goal by taking the steps. There is no magic formula where all of a sudden you become free. There is no magic belief system which, once adopted, frees you from the restraints of your past and concerns over your future. You learn this true freedom by application, step by step. Thus, as you learn to reclaim Knowledge, Knowledge reclaims you. And as you learn what freedom is, you actually become free.

Your part is very small and our part is very great. You need only follow the steps and utilize them. The steps that are given will guarantee the result. A greater freedom awaits you and as you approach it, you assume that freedom and benefit from all of the qualities of that freedom and demonstrate all aspects of that freedom. Such is the nature of a perfect Plan that is beyond human comprehension. So perfect is it that you cannot destroy it if you follow it faithfully. This restores you and returns to you self-trust, self-confidence, self-love and comprehension of yourself in the world.

Think upon this idea every hour today, and in your deep meditation times enter into stillness and freedom. It is a great freedom to have this opportunity to immerse yourself in Knowledge, to immerse yourself in presence and to immerse yourself in the actual substance of true relationship in the universe. As you approach this, you will know that it is your freedom, and you will know that you are becoming free to assume it. Therefore, today you will take a great step towards realizing that a greater future is awaiting you. This great step will release you increasingly from the concern, the anxiety, the pain and the disappointment of your past. This will show you that a greater freedom is awaiting you.

: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

February 20, 2014 Round One: The feeling I get from this Step today is that the process has already been launched and there is no stopping me now. The wheels are turning and I am going with them, for this is my destiny, this is why I am here, and I am so grateful that I am finally consciously aware of it.

I feel I am making progress with what it says is in the first paragraph. I do feel as though I am becoming free of my past and that I can face the future and take whatever it has in store, that I am being open and honest, I have faith and am consistently applying myself. I am working toward loving and respecting myself more and appreciating the world. I am feeling a greater sense of my Spiritual Family and am beginning to recognize my true place in the universe. Even if I cannot claim to have reached all of these things, for it is early days yet in my Steps study, I feel I have some inkling of what is required, I have taken a few small steps in the right direction. This Step assures me that if I keep on faithfully following the perfect Plan all will be well, I will get there in the end. And I believe in the perfect Plan, this rings true for me. So I forge ahead to the greater freedom and greater destiny that await me.

May 1, 2015 Round Two: I read the chapter called “Freedom” in Wisdom from the Greater Community Vol. I and it helped to clarify things for me. By embarking on the path to reclaim Knowledge, I am beginning my freedom journey, and the greater freedom that awaits me is the reward for pursuing Knowledge. Today I am in an environment that is conducive to pursuing and reclaiming Knowledge and I have the freedom to do this. I am finally where I have wanted to be for many long years. I feel I am finally living this greater freedom. It no longer awaits me, I am experiencing it in reality.

P.S. Today, September 22, 2018, I know I have acheived that greater freedom. I am still here in Krasnaya Ushna. I will build a house on my plot of land here and live here for the rest of my life. I have reached my final destination. I am free.


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