Step Two Hundred and Seventy-One

Step 271. I Will Accept Responsibility Today.
Accept responsibility, which is your ability to respond. Accept this, cultivate it, cherish it and welcome it. It is what will make you strong. It is what will make you devoted. It is what will bring to you the relationships you have always desired. This is the empowerment you so desperately need which you are learning now to claim for yourself. With this empowerment come the conditions for empowerment—that you respond to Knowledge and follow Knowledge, that you refrain from all motivations that are not born of Knowledge, that you become objective with yourself and your motives, that you question yourself without doubting yourself and that you surround yourself with individuals who can support the emergence of Knowledge within you and are free to tell you their own perceptions. This is essential for your well-being and development. This will protect you from self-error, which as you become more powerful will have greater and greater impact upon you and others.

Accept responsibility today. Accept this, for it represents your truest and greatest need. Responsibility will enable you to love and extend yourself into the world.

Upon the hour think of today’s idea. And as you enter meditation twice today, take full responsibility for being a student of Knowledge and enter into stillness and silence with your complete being. Let no thought or doubt dissuade you. Do not let ambivalence hold you back. Press onward. Open yourself. Enter the mystery of your life so that you may be able to respond to it, for this is the meaning of responsibility.

Practice 271: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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March 4, 2014 Round One: I must admit that today I am finding it difficult to extend myself into the world and protect myself from self-error. I am feeling ambivalent and doubting my ability to get with Knowledge. I wish to have responsibility and accept responsibility. The step says that accepting responsibility is my ability to respond. Well, okay, yes I guess I do have the ability to respond, but I am not always sure if it is taking me in the right direction. I want to respond to Knowledge, and follow Knowledge. The step says that I will have the empowerment to question myself without doubting myself and be able to surround myself with individuals who can support the emergence of Knowledge within me and are free to tell me their own perceptions. I feel I am meeting people like this through the New Message and I embrace those connections. I hope that with those connections I will gain a clearer picture, climb out of the fog of my self-error and self-delusion and see the Truth.

May 8, 2015 Round Two: I am pressing onward, letting no thought or doubt dissuade me, or ambivalence hold me back. I accept responsibility for myself, my life, my pursuit of Knowledge, for all that is vital and pertinent in my world.

Today I accept this responsibility whole-heartedly, I embrace the empowerment it gives me to align my inner and outer worlds and the objectivity it provides in my vision. I trust that I will be surrounded by individuals who support the emergence of Knowledge within me. I feel this support can come from individuals who are not consciously aware of what Knowledge is, but still, by their nature and the nature of our relationship, they are conducive to the emergence of Knowledge within me. I am open to entering the mystery of my life, it is a wondrous journey to undertake.


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