Step Two Hundred and Thirty-Nine

Step 239. Freedom Is Mine Today.
Freedom is yours who live with Knowledge. Freedom is yours who need not burden yourself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation. Freedom is yours who can dedicate yourself to your one purpose and to your specific tasks that emanate from this purpose. What greater freedom is there than the freedom to utilize your Knowledge and to fulfill its destiny in the world? Nothing else can be called freedom, for anything else is merely the freedom to be in chaos and to degenerate into misery.

You are free this day to allow Knowledge to abide with you. This day in your hourly practice and in your two deeper meditations, remember that you are free. When you have the freedom to be with Knowledge in your two meditation periods, allow yourself to enter stillness and let not any feeling, idea or thought dissuade you from experiencing the great freedom that you have to escape from the world into Knowledge.

These practice times are so important for your overall wellbeing. The result of this involvement will give you greater access to Knowledge in all of your outward endeavors as you learn to abide in peace with Knowledge and as you learn to follow Knowledge as it exercises its Wisdom in the world. You are free this day to be with Knowledge, for this day you are free.

: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

January 7, 2014 Round One: I am beginning to feel this freedom and understand what this freedom means. I particularly appreciate and am beginning to understand “Freedom is yours who need not burden yourself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation.” 

I have spent, wasted, too much time in my life in the “undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation.”

So now it is a great to relief to know that all I need to do is dedicate myself to my purpose and to the specific tasks that emanate from this purpose. Now, I suppose I could say, well yes, all well and good, but what exactly is my purpose? If I do not know for sure then will I not continue to burden myself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation?

Paradoxically though, no, I am not doing this. I trust that now I am following the Way of Knowledge and seeking to reclaim Knowledge, my purpose will arise naturally and I am free from speculation. I trust that all shall be revealed in due time and today I am free to be with Knowledge. Totally marvelous!

April 2, 2015 Round Two: Easier said than done. It is still too easy to burden myself with the undue strain of unnecessary thinking and speculation. Feeling totally free of anxiety and fear takes some practice. My experience throughout my life however has been that things always work out, so worrying and fretting, engaging in too much thinking and speculation are just a waste of precious time and energy. The thought “why on earth was I worrying?” has been a faithful companion over the years.

Things are moving along toward the fruition of my dream, despite any worries, unnecessary thinking and speculation. I just need to trust and be open to every eventuality. Freedom for me is symbolized in a wooden house in a natural setting.


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