Step Two Hundred and Forty-Three

Step 243. I Do Not Need To Be Special To Give.
The attempt to be special underlies all human ambition. All human ambition that is not born of Knowledge is born of the attempt to offset the grave disappointment and great anxiety of separation. The attempt to be special is the attempt to fortify separation. It is the attempt to make yourself greater at the expense of others. It always denies life and Knowledge and always leads to greater confusion, frustration and despair.

You are freed this day from attempting to make yourself special, for in this way you will find the true relief that you have sought in all of your previous endeavors. What is special in you is your unique form of expression of that which is inherent in all life. Then, that which joins life and is life is affirmed. Your individuality is affirmed as well, but not to the exclusion of the value of any other expression of life. Here you are not special. You are simply you. You are greater than an individual because you are part of life, and yet you are an individual because you express life individually. Here all conflict and confusion end. That which is limited expresses that which is unlimited, and that which is unique expresses that which is inherent and intrinsic. This is the resolution that you seek, for you do not really wish to be special. You only wish to have your individual life have purpose, meaning and direction.

Upon the hour think of this after you repeat the idea for today. In your deeper practices, enter into stillness and peace once again. Do not petition for answers because you do not need to do this in your meditation practices. Your time now is to practice receiving Knowledge, in which your individuality is honored and confirmed for its true purpose and in which your specialness, which has only been a grave and impossible burden for you, is gently lifted from your shoulders. Do not seek to be special today, for that is not the purpose of your life. Then, all fear of death and destruction will leave you. Then, all judgment and comparison with others will leave you. Then, you will be able to honor life and honor your relationships, which are an expression of everything today’s lesson will teach you.

Practice 243: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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January 15, 2014 Round One: This concept of being a unique expression of a Greater Reality, a unique expression of that which is inherent in all life, that which is inherent and intrinsic is repeatedly coming to my attention and becoming integrated into my being, my consciousness, and my understanding of the world.

When I first encountered the concept of separation and understood that my wish to be separate was based on my wish to be unique, I had many questions. I wanted to know why I could not remember where I came from, why I did not remember I was not separate, why I had to go through all the anguish and anxiety of separation again. Now I understand that I cannot know these things in my current physical state because this state defies such knowledge. I do know, however, that when I pass from the physical state I gradually merge again into the spirit form with all other spirits. I retain my individuality for a while after death of the body, but eventually I become one again with my Source. So I am not special, not individual, I am only under the illusion that I am while here in the physical world. I am really a part of the Oneness of Spirit, a part of my Source.

And yes, while I am here, I wish my individual life to have purpose, meaning and direction so that I may give my unique gifts. There is nothing lofty or elevated in this because everyone else is doing exactly the same thing, we are all in this together, all unique expressions of the Greater Reality.

This came in my email today and I wanted to share it - it seems to speak to some of the same issues we are dealing with here. These are Ted Murray’s words:

"How does it feel to continue to try to hide your true spiritual nature? When your beliefs are too far ahead of their time it is easy to be ridiculed or allow yourself to feel like you don’t fit in. Remember that everyone in history who broke ground with new theories or discoveries were at first thought to be crazy. 
Those who are on the leading edge of knowledge breakthroughs are usually both feared and ridiculed by the masses who are still locked into the old paradigms and customs.

"The tide is already shifting and the energy of the planet is ready to recognize new paradigms. Haven’t you found it much easier to be open with your deepest knowing with more and more people? Don’t you find that many people are eager to have the opportunity to share their inner thoughts that they might also have been hiding? Realize that not only is the shift taking place, but people are beginning to recognize the absolute necessity of change. When you speak your truth about love, compassion, cooperation, and oneness people will resonate with it and it will empower them to begin to explore their own beliefs on a more profound level. Why not give people the gift of your awakened heart and help the transformation take place quickly and smoothly?"

April 5, 2015 Round Two: “What is special in you is your unique form of expression of that which is inherent in all life.”

Again this sentence jumps out at me and rings a true bell in my soul. I understand what it is saying. I understand that I am unique only in the way in which I express myself in the world. I am not special, my physical self is not what counts, but I do have a unique gift that can be contributed to the whole. It is like a team building a house, or a ship, or anything else. One draws the design, another procures the material, a third arranges the building material as needed, a fourth drives in the nails. Many more tasks are carried out by individual members of the team until the final project emerges, and all rejoice in the joint effort it took to produce the final result. Each person’s unique talent contributed to the whole, each valuable and necessary, no one better or worse than any other. 


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