Step Two Hundred and Forty-Six

Step 246. There Is No Justification For Failing To Reclaim Knowledge.
There is no justification for error. There is no justification for denying Knowledge. There is no justification at all. Do not attempt to justify your errors by projecting blame upon yourself or by accusing life of not giving you what you need. Do not justify your errors by claiming the responsibility of your childhood, your parents or your upbringing in determining your current situation. Errors cannot be justified. Whatever cannot be justified can be relinquished, for it lacks true meaning and value.

Today, then, is a form of freedom, an expression of freedom to you who still, out of habit and complacency, attempt to justify your errors by assigning blame and responsibility. This is meaningless, for today you are only given to come to Knowledge and to give yourself in your approach to Knowledge. You can only justify error as an excuse not to come to Knowledge, and since there is no justification for error, there is no justification for you not to come to Knowledge. Without this justification, you are justified, for you are the expression of Knowledge. That is your destiny and purpose in the world. If error is unjustified, the truth is given all justification.

Allow yourself to repeat this idea upon the hour. Come to this in your longer practice periods in stillness and receptivity. Be grateful today that your errors have been forgiven. Be grateful today that condemnation is not justified. Be grateful today that you have this opportunity to come to Knowledge, which will affirm that which is truest and greatest within you. Be grateful today that there is no justification in denying this, for without guilt and blame you can only receive that which life has to offer you.

Let this be a day to celebrate your freedom. Let this be a day to affirm that you are blameless, though you are a student of Knowledge. Let this be a day to affirm that all the problems of the world can be solved without condemnation, for without condemnation all problems in the world will be solved.

Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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January 22, 2014 Round One: I understand this Step to be saying, “stop sitting around moaning and get on with your life in the best way you can, with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.” It is indeed very freeing to know that there is no justification for error, that there is no place for blame, condemnation and judgment, that these things have no meaning, no truth, no value. I celebrate my freedom today, I embrace Knowledge, for there is no justification not to do so.

Douglas: This was another sentence that I didn't get: Let this be a day to affirm that you are blameless, though you are a student of Knowledge.

There were two Steps in a row where there was a sentence I didn't get. I understand the possibility that the mountain is getting a little steeper at this point. Again, I could just be thinking too hard.

The sentence you drew attention to Douglas, "Let this be a day to affirm that you are blameless, though you are a student of Knowledge," puzzles me too, but I might not have paid much attention if you had not made specific mention of it. I would understand it better if it said "since" instead of "though." The way it reads at the moment seems to imply that being a student of Knowledge and being blameless do not jive, although logically they should. I am reclaiming Knowledge, therefore I should not be blaming myself for anything because errors have no justification. The only meaningful thing is coming to Knowledge. I will take it to mean that since I am dedicated to my pursuit of Knowledge, I can affirm that I am blameless for my errors have no justification.

April 9, 2015 Round Two: I do not want to blame anyone for the things I feel are going wrong in my life, I do not want to accuse life for not giving me what I need. This is not the way it is. Life cannot be to blame for anything, since I have the power, with Knowledge as my guide, to make the best I can of my life. At this point in my understanding, I feel I am the creator of my own life. I can manifest what I think I want. I can only discover whether what I think I want is actually what is meant for me by taking the steps, walking the walk, not just sitting around and talking about it or conjuring up fantasies in my head. If it is not the right thing, I only have myself to blame. But I will not condemn myself, or judge myself, I will pick myself up and go on.

This Step instills a feeling of peace and wellbeing. I release all condemnation, blame, suffering for my failures, and like a boat on still waters I wish to float on graciously to what has true meaning and value.


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