Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Two

Step 222. The World Is Confused. I Will Judge It Not.
The only judgment that you can make upon the world is that it is confused. This judgment does not require anger, sadness, loss, resentment, hostility or revenge. It does not call for attack in any form. The world is confused. Judge it not. How can the world be certain when the world is without Knowledge? You may look upon your life thus far and realize the extent of your own confusion. How could it be otherwise when you were without Knowledge? Knowledge is with you now, as it was then. You are beginning to reclaim Knowledge so its certainty can express itself through you increasingly. This is the great gift that you are now learning to receive. It is a gift the world will learn to receive through you.

Each hour as you look upon the world and all of its activities, judge it not, for it is merely confused. If you are in distress today, judge yourself not, for you are merely confused. In your deeper practice periods today, allow yourself to enter stillness. You enter stillness simply by wanting to enter stillness. It is a gift that you allow for yourself. To do this, you give yourself to receiving the gift. Here there is no giver and sender of the gift, for the gift reverberates between you and your Source. Knowledge and its vehicle merely affirm one another.

The world is confused. It is without Knowledge. But you are a gift to the world, for you are learning to receive Knowledge this day.

Practice 222: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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November 28, 2013 Round One: I certainly appreciate that the world is confused, that the world is without Knowledge, for this is not something new to consider, it is something I have long understood. 

I recall always thinking in situations where people want to blame and condemn, where people make poor choices, where people do things that appear bad, that it is not out of inherent evil that people behave the way they do, but out of ignorance, they simply know no better, they are confused. And here I can be no judge. Again what Jesus said comes to mind – "forgive them for they know not what they do."

If I paraphrase this to say “judge them not for they know not what they do,” it fits perfectly into the sense of this Step.

I accept that the world is confused and feel eternal gratitude that Knowledge is revealing itself to me, that I have the opportunity to receive it and the opportunity to express it increasingly. I wish to be a vehicle of Knowledge today and send it out into the world.

March 14, 2015 Round Two: What I wrote the first time still holds true for me today. When I accept that the world is confused because it is without Knowledge, this makes it much easier not to judge and condemn. I am ever hopeful that the world will eventually emerge from its confusion into the clarity of Knowledge.
February 15, 2019 Round Three: How can the world not be confused if it is without Knowledge? Knowledge is with me and I am learning to reclaim it, receive it, so I am a gift to the world. The world is learning to receive Knowledge through me. This is magnificent. I feel this strength within me and know I can pass it on. I can pass Knowledge onto others through me by my vitality, my joy in living, my enthusiasm, my work ethic, my love, my acceptance. All is well.
I love my life and all I do. I love my natural surroundings - the snow, the moon, the sunsets.


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