Step Two Hundred and Twenty-Seven

Step 227. I Will Not Think That I Know Today.
Beginning Students Always Think They Know Things they don’t know, and they always think they don’t know things they do know. This requires a great deal of sorting out. It requires discovering the true and the false and, through this contrast, learning to separate the two. In time, you will realize the distinction between the true and the false and will not be deceived by the pretense the false can make in its imitation of the true.

Remind yourself upon the hour today not to think that you know. Thinking that you know is only a form of substitution. You either know or you don’t know. Your thinking here merely supports or denies that which you know. But thinking you know is thinking without Knowledge, which is always mindless and engenders confusion and self-doubt.

In your deeper practice periods today, do not be deceived by thinking that you know. Once again return to the pure experience of Knowledge itself. In stillness and in peace, totally give yourself to your practice today. Knowledge is an experience. It will engender its own ideas. It will stimulate and support those forms of behavior and those forms of self-application which are truly supportive of your true nature. Do not be content with things you think you know, for this is merely another form of denial which will leave you impoverished once again.

 227: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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December 14, 2013 Round One: I appreciate the distinction here between what I think I know and what I actually know. I often think that I know, and now I understand the folly of this. Thinking I know means nothing, it is self-deception. Whereas I am most likely to miss what I really know, not know that I know it.

I feel I am beginning to make the distinction between the true and the false though. The false is transient and does not “stick,” whereas the true has a way of remaining, never failing, always being there if I am aware enough to see it. So now I am going to be wary of what I think I know and try to always tap into what I do indeed know and stay with it, and not be swayed by what others may think, say, or do.

March 19, 2015 Round Two: Again the emphasis here is on thinking I know. There are things I know without thinking that I know them. There are things I know inherently, that I knew before I came here and will know once I leave, but this has nothing to do with what I think I know at the moment, it has nothing to do with my conscious thoughts. What I really know abides in Knowledge, and it is only by allowing Knowledge to manifest itself in my life that I can be a vehicle for Knowledge in the world. This has nothing to do with thinking though. What I think I know is more likely detrimental to my overall well-being, since it leads me into delusion and gives me a false picture of things. What I know does not need to be analyzed, it comes from beyond the mind, so the mind is of no help here.

Be a Beginning Student

"Become open to Knowledge. Become reliant upon Knowledge. Do not fall back into safe conclusions and familiar ideas. Do not seek refuge from life. Do not close yourself off. Do not assume a new mantle of ideas, which will only become a crown of thorns for you in the future. Keep moving forward. Keep taking the Steps to Knowledge. Be without conclusion. Develop your abilities. Be a beginning student. Become reliant upon Knowledge. Become respectful of life’s dangers and life’s great opportunities. Become genuine with what you tell yourself and what you tell others. Be willing to appear foolish and confused. Be willing to be certain when you are certain.

"If you can do these things, you will pass through the wilderness. You will gain great strength here. You will gain great confidence here. And you will gain the assurance that your Spiritual Family is with you and that there are those in life who are truly meant to be with you and who are truly capable of understanding you and knowing you."

The above passage is from the Revelation “Your Relationship with Your Spiritual Family” in Relationships and Higher Purpose.


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