Step Two Hundred and Twelve

Step 212. I Gain Strength From All Who Practice With Me. 
You do gain strength from all who practice with you, for every mind that attempts to engage itself with Knowledge strengthens all other minds in doing so as well. In this, you cast your influence upon the world. In this, all others who seek to serve a true purpose cast their influence upon you. This counteracts the ignorant forces of the world. This counteracts the destructive forces in the world. This casts its influence on all minds to begin to awaken. 

Receive faith from today’s idea, then, for faith it will give you as you realize that your own application is so greatly supplemented by the application of others. This will transcend any sense of inadequacy that you may have. This will help you overcome any sense of ambivalence regarding true preparation, for all other minds that are engaged in the reclamation of Knowledge are available to assist you here and now.

Thus, greatness is with you, the greatness of Knowledge and the greatness of all those who seek to reclaim Knowledge. With them you share a true purpose, for your true purpose is to keep Knowledge alive in the world. From Knowledge all things of good, whether they be of a spiritual or material nature, are bestowed upon the races for whom they are intended.

Upon the hour repeat today’s idea, and in your deeper practice periods attempt to receive the influence of all who are attempting to reclaim Knowledge. Allow their gift to enter into your mind so that you may experience true appreciation for life and begin to understand the meaning and efficacy of your own efforts as a student of Knowledge.

Practice 212:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

November 6, 2013 Round One: I love this idea of the students of Knowledge being connected by fine lines of light and forming a kind of web that sends signals to each other. And I feel it! I don't feel alone on my journey even though I may not talk with like-minded people every day and have no one in my immediate surroundings to share with. It is still so empowering to feel the connection with other students around the world. It is so empowering to think of all the minds engaged with Knowledge strengthening all the other minds to do so as well. This means I must not give up, others are depending on me to engage with Knowledge, as I am depending on them.

I believe that by sharing what I know I am inspiring others to tap into their own inner knowing, and vice versa, I take inspiration from those who share with me what they know. And so it goes on, we all share and build together spreading Knowledge wider and further, upwards and outwards.

March 3, 2015 Round Two: "From Knowledge all things of good, whether they be of a spiritual or material nature, are bestowed upon the races for whom they are intended."

This sentence spoke to me today in the context of the last Step and my quandary about my great friends beyond the world, and whether non-free races who are hostile toward Knowledge can be allies. This Step says that Knowledge will bestow all things of good upon the races for whom they are intended. So Knowledge knows, and all I have to do is make my contribution, without wracking my brains about the result.

I continue to resonate with the thought of people all over the globe who are practicing the Steps to Knowledge being connected by fine lines of light to form an all-encompassing web. I know that I gain strength from all those who practice with me. This strength is my succor, without the knowledge that there are many more people all over the globe practicing with me, on the same wavelength, following the same path, this would be much harder to do. I give my immense gratitude to all those practicing with me. Let’s keep on keeping on, shall we?


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