Step Two Hundred and Eleven

Happily Now Beats Happily Ever After

Step 211. I Have Great Friends Beyond This World. 
You have great friends beyond this world. That is why humanity is seeking to enter into the Greater Community because the Greater Community represents a broader range of its true relationships. You have true friends beyond the world because you are not alone in the world and you are not alone in the Greater Community of Worlds. You have friends beyond this world because your Spiritual Family has its representatives everywhere. You have friends beyond this world because you are working not merely on the evolution of your world but on the evolution of the universe as well. Beyond your imagination, beyond your conceptual capabilities, this is most certainly true. 

Feel, then, the greatness of the universe in which you live. Feel, then, the opportunity you have to serve the Greater Community of which your world is a part. You serve your great friends within the world and your friends beyond, for the work of Knowledge goes on everywhere. It is the attraction of God. It is the application of good. It is the force that redeems all separated minds and gives purpose, meaning and direction to the universe. Regardless of the mechanism of physical life, its value is determined by its origin and its destiny, both of which are beyond your comprehension. Realizing that Knowledge is the means that propels the world in its true direction, you can then value and receive that which gives your life purpose, meaning and direction.

Upon the hour today consider that you have friends beyond this world, both in other worlds and beyond the visible as well. Consider that you have this greater association. In your two deeper practice periods today, allow your mind to enter stillness so that such things may be experienced. Do not dwell upon them in your imagination, but allow instead for your mind to become still so that it may bestow Knowledge into your awareness and experience. You have friends beyond this world, and they are practicing with you today.

Practice 211:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

November 5, 2013 Round One: This Step introduces something I had not considered before when it says, “You have friends beyond this world because you are working not merely on the evolution of your world but on the evolution of the universe as well.”

Until now, I have only thought about the evolution of this world and about my part in it and not considered the opportunity to serve the Greater Community and its evolution. This is pretty mind-boggling. Although it all stands to reason. If I accept that this world is entering the Greater Community, I must accept that its evolution is part of the evolution of the Greater Community and each are interdependent, part of the same whole. And in order to evolve successfully, we need Knowledge.

March 2, 2015 Round Two: I am still trying to grasp the whole idea of having friends beyond this world, i.e. in the Greater Community of Worlds. I have no trouble with knowing I have great friends beyond the world, i.e. spiritual friends who are not currently in a physical body, but I understand this Step is talking about friends from other races of intelligent life in the Universe. I am having trouble with the idea though that these races are without Knowledge and may even be hostile to Knowledge.

I was reading back over the comments from other students on this Step.

One student writes: I was contemplating while reading this and [the] next steps. The first paragraphs really spoke to me. Do we have members of our spiritual family in the worlds that are not free? It must be so. So, what are their chances of finding Knowledge? As the teachings say, to beings who live in technologically advanced worlds Knowledge is unknown. But since we are all connected, we can affect their minds. How? Will their knowledge become stronger because of me developing my Knowledge? Can they experience it? Can they feel it? Do they know what K is? How it feels? How can they develop K in their world? Do they have equivalent to STK? If not, how [are] we suppose[d] to advance as a spiritual family? Would all of the people serving K eventually affect all others, to the point of awakening? If yes, that means that all non-free worlds eventually would become free! Because beings that live with K could not possibly live in the conditions that they are living now. But it will take a long long time...

I wrote in response: You bring up some good points. I also wonder the same things. I also thought that other non-free races do not have Knowledge and cannot even access it due to their collective consciousness. Can I change this with my quest for Knowledge? I think it would take a mighty upsurge in Knowledge promoted by the majority of humanity and not just a small percentage to awaken other races to Knowledge. It is hard enough in this world, so spreading Knowledge to the rest of the universe seems like a daunting task. Yes, I agree with you, it will take a long long time.

I am not sure how I feel about this today. Do I have great friends in non-free races in the Universe? Do I even believe there are such races? Someone who said they were from Kepler joined the chat discussion at one of the Messenger’s Vigil broadcasts in January. This “person” said he was on the run, so to speak, and if his superiors found out he was communicating with us, he would be punished. Can I call him a “great friend” beyond this world? Of course, I understand that there may be some people reading this (if anyone is) who are going to think I am whacked. Just goes to show that we all have different ways of looking at things.

February 4, 2019 Round Three: I accept that I have friends beyond this world and this is why the world is emerging into the Greater Community. I am working not only on the evolution of this world, but the evolution of the Universe as well. This is an expansive thought to consider. And I am here from another world, I am not a native of this world, I am here to be of service and also of service to my own learning group and the world I come from.


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