Step One Hundred and Ninety-Two

Step 192. I Will Not Neglect Small Things Today.
Do not neglect the small things today that are necessary for you to do. Doing small things does not mean in any way that you are small. If you do not identify with your behavior and activities, you can allow your greatness to exist as you undertake them. Someone who is great can do small things without complaint. Someone who is with Knowledge can undertake mundane activities without any sense of disgrace. Activities are only activities. They do not constitute your true nature or being. Your true nature or being is the source of your life, which will express itself through your small activities as you learn to receive it and to see it in proper perspective.

Do not neglect small things. Care for small things so that your life in the world may be stable and may progress properly. Today, in your deeper practices, again enter the greatness and the depth of Knowledge. Because you have attended to small things, you can now spend this time of devotion and giving. In this way, your outer life is managed properly, and your inner life is attended to as well, for you are an intermediary between the life of greatness and life in the world. Thus, you attend to the small and you receive the great. This is your true function, for you are here to give Knowledge to the world.

As before, repeat your practice upon the hour. Take it with you. Do not forget.

Practice 192:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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September 9, 2013 Round One: Small things—what could they be? At first I thought of small things as my work, or writing in my blog(s), then I thought, maybe it just means mundane household chores, like mopping the floor or cleaning the sink? I am happy to mop the floor, clean the sink, or wash the dishes. I do those small things without complaint or a sense of disgrace. But I find I want this Step to be talking about other small things I do, like trying to reach people with the New Message. This has to be small and I have to recognize it as small, otherwise I will feel deflated and disappointed. Small does not mean insignificant, as long as it has significance for me. And there is always the hope that it will trickle through and have significance for someone else. So I will care for the small things, taking comfort in the fact that, in so doing, my life will be stable and progress properly. As long as I am progressing properly, that is all that matters.

February 10, 2015 Round Two: The small things are the satisfying things I do every day. They are the things that make it worth getting out of bed in the morning. They are the things that give me a sense of comfort and joy. They are the things that give living true meaning.

“If you do not identify with your behavior and activities, you can allow your greatness to exist as you undertake them.”

This struck me as I practiced the Step today. If I do not identify – meaning I do not take credit or expect recognition for what I do, my behavior and activities do not make me who I am, they are merely an expression of something greater of which I am a part. So my activities are a vehicle of expression. I am an intermediary between the life of greatness and life in the world. It is not about me individually, it is about my contribution to the whole.

A wonderful blog I follow had this very appropriate image to share today.

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  1. This is so true. We so often forget to celebrate the small things, in fact we totally disregard them, yet they are the very things that stitch the big things together to form a perfect whole. Thank you for these amazing thoughts. Be blessed.


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