Step One Hundred and Ninety-One

Step 191. My Knowledge Is Greater Than My Humanity.
Your Knowledge is born of life universal. It eclipses your humanity but gives your humanity true meaning. Greater Life wishes to express itself in your world, in your era and in the circumstances that actually exist now. Thus, the great expresses itself through the small, and the small experiences itself as the great. This is the way of all life. Your humanity is without meaning unless it serves a greater context and is a part of a Greater Reality. Without this, it is more a form of bondage—a restraint, a confinement and an imposition upon your nature rather than an affirmation of your nature.

Your Knowledge is greater than your humanity. Thus, your humanity can have meaning, for it has something to serve. Without service, your humanity is merely a restraint, that which confines you and imprisons you. But your humanity is meant to serve a Greater Reality which you carry within you today. This Reality is in you, but you do not own it. You cannot use it for your own personal fulfillment. You can only receive it and allow it to express itself. It will express itself through your humanity, and it will give you a greater experience of yourself.

In your longer practice periods today, allow yourself to enter stillness once again, and upon the hour repeat this idea so that you may consider its true meaning. Do not accept mere assumptions or premature conclusions, for today’s idea will require your deep involvement. Life has depth. You must penetrate it. You must enter into it. You must receive it and inquire within it. Then, you will become reengaged in your natural relationship with life.

Practice 191: 
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

September 7, 2013 Round One: I am beginning to see how my individuality is confining, binding, restraining. I can do nothing alone, I am part of a Greater Reality and only here can I truly manifest myself, affirm my true nature. I am beginning to grasp this as I continue the Steps.

This second part of Steps has a different feel, it calls for much deeper exploration and understanding of what actually is. I can no longer live in the fantasies of my own mind, I need to reach out and find my place in the greater scheme of things where I am a part of something more expansive, bigger, more encompassing, more magical, if you like. This is all part of exploring the mystery of life, which I am coming to appreciate and acknowledge with each passing day. I wish to penetrate the depth of Life and really see it for what it is, not just a figment of my imagination. I want to become reengaged in my natural relationship with life today.

February 9, 2015 Round Two: I understand my humanity as being my physical self living in a human body. So it stands to reason that my Knowledge is greater than this. I found an interesting blog as I was looking for a picture for my photo quote. It explains a lot for me in the context of this Step.

"Some people who are in what they think of as very confined and limited circumstances may feel that their contribution to the greater whole must be very minimal. But this is a false notion of the human mind. As long as a person is giving expression to the true tone and character of life, their contribution is substantial regardless of circumstances." ~ Human Purpose as a Part of a Greater Whole.

Something else Marshall said during the Fireside Chat this week struck me in the context of this Step: “In the end, it is what you do and why you do it that matters. Do more. Build. The NMG gives you endless things to do. Do them.”

I understand this as utilizing the Knowledge in me to do things in the world, to join, to contribute rather than concentrating on my small self. I am part of a Greater Reality, this frees me from the confines of myself. Basically I said it all the first time.

I was reading the first chapter in Wisdom from The Greater Community today called "The Greater Religion." A passage I read there struck me in the context of this Step:

"Therefore, you must accept your humanity, and you must accept your place in the greater order as well. Only in this way can you fully integrate yourself here, serving this world in its own needs and yet maintaining a greater perspective which is lacking here."


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