Step One Hundred and Eighty-Six

Step 186. I Am Born Of An Ancient Heritage.
You are born of an ancient heritage. This will arise in your mind naturally, though it is beyond words and beyond description. In essence it is a pure experience of life and inclusion. What is remembered in this experience are those relationships that you have cultivated thus far in your evolution up until this time. Only the reclamation of relationships can be carried forward beyond your life in this world. The individuals that you have reclaimed unto yourself as your Spiritual Family now exist as your Spiritual Family. They form the growing body of Knowledge and inclusion in life which you are now capable of experiencing.

You are here to serve your spiritual family, your small learning group that have been working together through many ages and circumstances in order to cultivate and advance their members so that your group may join with other groups, and so forth. Like streams joining together into greater and greater bodies of moving water, you follow your inevitable course to the source of your life. This is the natural way, the genuine way, the way that exists beyond all speculation and philosophy, beyond all the fears and ambitions of humanity. This is the way of things—forever mysterious, beyond your comprehension and yet fully available to serve you in the immediate circumstances of your life. Such is the greatness of the mystery of your life, and such is its application in even the smallest detail of your life. Thus, your life here is complete.

You are born of a great heritage. Thus, greatness is with you because of your relationships. Receive this Heritage in stillness in your two deep meditation practices today and acknowledge it upon the hour. Allow this day to demonstrate both the reality and the denial of this great truth, for as you see the world in its denial attempting to act out the substitutes for Knowledge, you will learn to value Knowledge and to realize that Knowledge is here already.

Practice 186: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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August 26, 2013 Round One: I have always intuitively known that I have a relationship with certain people that spans more than this lifetime. There are relationships that I have experienced before I came into this world and will continue after I have left. This I hold to be true.

I may not be specifically aware at this very moment in time of all the people in my Spiritual Family, but I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that I have a Spiritual Family.

I also take great comfort and encouragement in this, in the fact that I am part of a small learning group that has been working together through many ages and circumstances. This confirms in words something I have long been aware of at a different level. It is mysterious, it is beyond my comprehension, but I feel it.

February 4, 2015 Round Two: "Like streams joining together into greater and greater bodies of moving water, you follow your inevitable course to the source of your life."

I accept that I am of an ancient heritage and have a Spiritual Family, a small learning group, of which I am a part. I continue to feel, as I did the first time I practiced this Step, that I have a special affinity for certain people I believe to be members of my Spiritual Family. However, in truth, I don’t really know whether everyone I have had a relationship with during my evolution is a member of my Spiritual Family. I may feel an affinity with certain people because we have met and experienced things together before, but this might not necessarily mean they are part of my Spiritual Family. This remains a mystery to me. I cannot really say for sure at this point that I know who my Spiritual Family is or even have any inkling of who they might be.

This Step is still beyond my comprehension today.


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