Step One Hundred and Seventy-Four

Step 174. My Life Is Necessary.
Your life is necessary. It is not a biological accident. It is not a mere chance circumstance that you arrived in this world. Your life is necessary. If you could but recall what you went through to come into this world and the preparation that was required—both within this world and beyond—for you to emerge here, then you would realize the importance of your being here and the importance of the Knowledge that you carry within you. Your life is necessary. There is no form of conceit here. It is simply a recognition of truth. In your evaluation of yourself, your life is either pathetic or grandiose. Yet, the necessity of your life has nothing to do with your evaluations, though your evaluations can bring you closer to or take you farther from this one true recognition.

Your life is necessary. Understand this and it will banish your sense of self-judgment and condemnation. Understand this and it will bring humility into your self-grandiose ideas. Understand this and your plans may then in time be adjusted to Knowledge itself, for your life is necessary.

Repeat this statement upon the hour and consider it regardless of your emotions, your circumstances and whatever thoughts are prevailing in your mind, for Knowledge is greater than thoughts and is meant to govern thoughts. In your two meditation practices, allow the word RAHN to take you deep into practice. Feel the necessity of your own life—its value and its importance. This is something that you can experience directly. It does not require your evaluation. It does not require that you consider yourself to be greater than others. It is merely a profound experience of reality, for your life is necessary. It is necessary for you. It is necessary for your world. It is necessary for life itself.

Practice 174: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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July 18, 2013 Round One: I can accept the truth that my life is necessary, and I am learning to get past my own evaluations based on self-aggrandized or downgrading assumptions of myself. I am willing to accept that the necessity of my life has nothing to do with my evaluations, it just is, it has to be necessary, since I would not be here otherwise. My task is to reclaim Knowledge and adjust my plans accordingly, keeping Knowledge uppermost in my mind and always being on the alert to the signs and information it is giving me.

January 20, 2015 Round Two: Yes, my life is necessary, and there is no form of conceit here. It is just part of the greater scheme of things. Everyone’s life is necessary, otherwise they would not be here. No one is a biological accident. There is rhyme and reason to everything. I understand that there is no evaluation attached to this, we are not qualifying life here. It is merely being stated that my life, your life, his life, her life are all necessary for better or for worse. It is up to each individual person to ensure the quality of their life, but the necessity of it is beyond doubt.

Like peering into the multi-faceted heart of a diamond, my life is given to me to penetrate the mystery of its essence.


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