Step One Hundred and Seventy-Five

Step 175. Review
In your review of the practices of this week, once again realize the value of giving yourself to practice. Giving yourself to practice, then, is the first step in comprehending the true meaning of giving and the true meaning of purpose in the world.

In your one longer practice period, review the week that has just passed. Review your engagement with each day’s practice and consider the meaning of each day’s idea. Give this your total attention during your long practice period today, and realize as you witness your own development that you are preparing yourself to give to others.

Practice 175:
 One long practice period.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

July 21, 2013 Round One: This review of the past week of Steps has pinpointed my focus even more, helping me to concentrate my thoughts on the necessity of my practice, on how necessary it is to reclaim Knowledge, and affirm my wealth, how empowering it is to know I am preparing along with other students, that my efforts are not isolated, I am not alone, but working in tandem with others taking the same path, moving along with them in unison. And not only is all this happening at the level of my mind, in my own thoughts, but also manifesting itself in my outer experience in the world. I am connecting, I am feeling the benefits of joint practice and preparation with other students, I am truly experiencing my participation in the Ancient Rite of Preparation it talks about in Step 170. So be it.

January 21, 2015 Round Two: "as I witness my own development I am preparing myself to give to others."

This week’s steps were all about my practice and the depth of my dedication to it. The more I give to my practice, the more I receive and the more able I am to give to others. I have within me a wellspring of Knowledge just waiting to be discovered. As I tap into it, I fill myself up and can then give to others. I am dedicated to my practice no matter what. It is becoming an intrinsic part of me. I cannot not practice, because it is the most necessary thing.


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