Step One Hundred and Eighty

Rumi - This is Love

Step 180. I Complain Because I Am Lacking Knowledge.
When you complain about life, you are asking for Knowledge. Knowledge has its own statement about life, but it is very different from the lament which you hear within yourself and around you. Therefore, as you approach Knowledge today, recognize the nature of complaint—how it emphasizes your weakness and the world’s domination over you and how much it is in contrast to what you are learning now. You are learning now to discover your greatness and your domination over the world. You are in relationship with the world. Let this relationship become healthy and meaningful. Let the world’s contribution be given to you. Let your contribution be given to the world.

Therefore, thank the world once again today for what it has given to you. In your deeper meditation practices today, enter stillness and silence. Use the word RAHN to help you enter this deeply. Use the word RAHN to orient your mind and thinking so that your mind may become unified with the sound of this one ancient word.

This is a day of important contribution. Do not complain about this day. Recognize that everything that happens is an opportunity for you to apply your practice and to develop the true faculties of your mind. Your complaint would only be a denial of the world’s contribution to you. Therefore, do not deny this. Do not complain about the world today so that you may receive its gifts.

Practice 180:
Two 30-minute practice periods.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

July 31, 2013 Round One: When I complain, it means I am not with Knowledge and I am asking for Knowledge. I get that. I get that when I am in harmony with Knowledge there is no place for complaint, for I only complain when I allow the world to dominate over me. Instead this Step is telling me that I can dominate over the world, I can allow Knowledge to work through me in a way that allows me to make the contribution I came here to make. It may not be what I think it should be, or what I expect, but it is what is true and beneficial. I need to keep my eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to see, hear, feel and know what Knowledge is telling me. If I am true to my task, there can be no complaint.

January 27, 2015 Round Two: I am even more acutely aware this time of the futility of complaining. Complaining means I am not getting what I want or think I deserve, and that is so childish! The New Message and Steps to Knowledge is all about growing up and showing greater maturity. I am no longer in the sand box trying to grab all the toys and stamping my feet in frustration when that does not happen. Any complaint is a signal that I am asking for Knowledge. 

Knowledge always brings me back to the truth. I need to learn that life is not always the way I would like it to be, does not always fit my personal and, yes, petty preferences. When I complain, I am pathetic, and if I am to reclaim my rightful place in the Universe and do what I came here to do, I cannot be pathetic.

At the Messenger’s Vigil broadcast today, I listened again to Marshall’s blessing given this same time last year. It is so powerful and speaks so strongly to me. It is a call to stop complaining and get on with what is true and necessary. I am heeding this call.

Marshall says:

"This requires a New Revelation, a great preparation and a great heart, and a great self-trust. I ask you to be what you really are. Not pathetic, not self-demeaning, not weak, not prone to domination or manipulation, but to be what and who you really are.

I pray that I can do what I am sent here to do and that those who are meant to be with me will have the courage, and the integrity, and the urgency to come, because I need you now.

This is love."


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