Step One Hundred and Eighty-One

Step 181. Today I Receive The Love Of Knowledge.
Knowledge possesses the true seed of love, not love that is a mere sentiment, not love that is a form of intoxication surrounding an urgent desire born of fear. Knowledge is the seed of true love, not the love that seeks to conquer, to possess and to dominate, but the love that seeks to serve, to empower and to free another. Become the recipient of this love today so that it may flow through you to the world, for without your denial it will most surely do this.

Upon the hour, repeat this statement and feel its full impact, regardless of the circumstance that you find yourself in. Allow each circumstance to support your practice, and you will find that your practice will have an increasingly potent effect on your external life. In your two deeper practices today, enter into the presence of Knowledge and receive its love. Affirm your worthiness and your receptivity. Relinquish your presumptions about yourself and the world, and allow yourself to have an experience that will demonstrate the truth beyond any assumption. This is your practice today. This is your gift to yourself, to your world and to your Creator so that you may receive the gift of love.

Practice 181:
Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

August 1, 2013 Round One: "Knowledge is the seed of true love, not the love that seeks to conquer, to possess and to dominate, but the love that seeks to serve, to empower and to free another."

Oh, how potent this is and I truly want to be its recipient! I do not deny this love, so let it flow through me, as it surely will, so says the Step.

And I wish to experience that which "will demonstrate the truth beyond any assumption." I can tolerate it, I am ready for this Truth, bring it on!

January 28, 2015 Round Two: It has been very appropriate for me that this Step coincided with the last day of the Messenger’s Vigil broadcast live from Boulder, Colorado. I was able to make it to each broadcast the past seven days, being the early bird that I am, since in Moscow the time was 5.00 am. And this morning it began at 4.00 am my time. 

And it was worth it beyond measure. 

Today Marshall spoke, and I was happy to see that he and his family had returned safely from their trip. Marshall said some things that spoke deeply to me. 

Here are a few small excerpts of what touched me the most. 

“God’s New Revelation is something very precious. It shows us how God considers us, it shows us how we are regarded by the Angelic Assembly. Without judgment, without anger, without revenge, without the intent to punish, knowing that without the Knowledge that is placed within us, we will be prone to error, we will make mistakes, we will treat ourselves and others cruelly. And until we find that Knowledge, that will be our plight. No matter how sweet our disposition, or how positive our attitude, underneath we are suffering at that level. And why would God condemn us for that? … 

"How God regards you is so very different from how you regard yourself and others. Throughout the Revelation is this regard for you, that you mean something, that you are really important, your life is a meaningful event with purpose and destiny, not your purpose and destiny. …

"Within your mind you are constantly distinguishing yourself from others…and taking sides in conflicts…and being partisan in that way. [The Revelation says], Do no harm, will no harm – that’s a practice wherever you go. … 

"So how you are regarded in the Revelation, the value given to your life and the meaning of your destiny is something for you to adopt. … 

"So to turn the tide we begin to practice – do no harm, seek no harm – being compassionate, not disregarding people, listening to people, knowing why they suffer, why they make mistakes, why they do cruel things – because this is how Heaven thinks, and looks, and listens.”

This is the love I feel coming from Knowledge today. And I am receiving this love.


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