Step One Hundred and Thirty-Five

Step 135. I Will Not Define My Destiny Today.
Like your purpose, your destiny remains beyond your definition. You need only take a step in its direction to feel the growing presence of Knowledge in your life. The closer you are to Knowledge, the more you will experience it. The more that you experience it, the closer you will want to become because this is a natural attraction. This is true love, the attraction of like to like. This is what gives the universe all of its meaning. This is what joins life together completely. Be free this day of definitions, and allow your mind to take its natural formation. Allow your heart to follow its natural course. Allow Knowledge to express itself through your mind, whose outward structure is now becoming open and free.

Remind yourself of your practice upon the hour. In your two deep meditations today, continue with your RAHN practice, speaking the word RAHN on each exhale. Allow yourself to feel the presence of your own life, the presence of your Teachers and the depth of your own Knowledge. Allow your self-discipline to be exerted meaningfully today, to engage your mind in this way. For as the mind is brought into proximity of its true destination, it will respond accordingly and everything will follow its natural course. Then you will feel that Grace is with you.

Practice 135: Two 30-minute practice periods.
Hourly practice.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 8, 2013 Round One: “This is a natural attraction” – I like this! All in all, this is another very empowering Step.

Yesterday, as I practiced this Step, I did indeed experience coming closer to Knowledge and felt that everything was following its natural course. It was one of those days when everything flowed and felt just right! All that needed to happen, happened, and with no effort. Can I really be feeling the Grace this Step speaks about? Even in my dreams last night, I felt as though Knowledge was expressing itself through my mind. Pretty incredible!

December 5, 2014 Round Two: I cannot say the same thing about today as I did the first time. Today I was upset about something and cried in frustration. However, my practice leads a life of its own and is not disturbed by what is going on in the world around me, is not disturbed by the things I allow to upset my equilibrium and peace of mind. My practices are powerful and give me an experience of coming closer to Knowledge.
"The closer you are to Knowledge, the more you will experience it. The more that you experience it, the closer you will want to become because this is a natural attraction."
I am feeling this today, this natural attraction. Knowledge is very powerful and does attract like to like. I am experiencing how the Knowledge in one person sparks the Knowledge in another. When I practice I feel my mind shifting and becoming activated. This does not always manifest in my outer world, in my behavior, I still allow my emotions to overtake me, but deep within I feel the true anchoring of Knowledge, that permanent, all-abiding presence that speaks beyond the surface turmoil of the mind and points the way to the quiet haven.

I read in Secrets of Heaven today, on p. 107, "... You cannot establish purity when you do not know what it is. Instead, allow yourself to follow what you know to be true and do not hesitate. You will find this a great enough challenge."

This is just what I needed to hear.


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