Step One Hundred and Forty-Four

Daughter Claire in 1990 on her third birthday. Hang in there my sweet angel!

Step 144. I Will Honor Myself Today.
Honor yourself because of your heritage, because of your destiny and because of your purpose. Honor yourself because life honors you. Honor yourself because God is honored in God’s Creation in you. This eclipses all the evaluations that you have made upon yourself. This is greater than any criticism that you have levied against yourself. This is greater than any pride that you have used to offset your pain.

In simplicity and humility remind yourself upon the hour to honor yourself. In your two deeper practices today, allow yourself to experience the presence of Knowledge, for this honors you and honors Knowledge as well. Honor yourself this day so that Knowledge may be honored, for in reality you are Knowledge. This is your True Self, but it is a Self that you are only now beginning to reclaim.

Practice 144: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

May 23, 2013 Round One: Honoring myself means dealing with the false self which is apart from life. Since this false self likes to assert itself most of the time with its judgments, self-blame, putting too much store by other people’s opinions or, worse still, imagining what other people’s opinions might be, honoring myself proves to be a challenge. It means getting beyond all the evaluations I have made of myself, stepping through all the criticism I have levied against myself, and pushing aside the pride I have used to offset my pain. Rather a lot of work on any given day!

But I am trying. I at least have an inkling of the concept of my True Self and of the Knowledge that works through it, and I am attempting to nurture it, bring it into bolder relief, hold on to what is true and discard what is false.

I like the concept of honoring myself, but still it is very hard to feel worthy of this honor, there are many layers of indoctrination to get through in order to see the Truth.

December 16, 2014 Round Two: I have made progress in this area since the first time I did this Step. I find I am able to honor myself. In fact, I can do myself no greater favor than this. The world has many ways of throwing things at me that could potentially deny this honor and fill me with self-blame and self-pity. But now I know better than to let this happen. I am more than my small, separate self. Part of me is connected to God, part of me is my True Self, I have a deeper consciousness where Knowledge abides, and this is the part I honor. For honor I must, and honor I do.

Secrets of Heaven tells me today on p. 248: “There is always a great deal of difficulty with personal authority. Some cannot tolerate the idea of receiving a greater authority, and some will never claim their own. Yet all true teaching from beyond is to develop the individual to be self-motivating, to present the truth of their own Knowledge.”

I believe I am one of those who can tolerate the idea of receiving a greater authority and am beginning to claim my own.

And today, May 23, 2016, as I revisit this Step, I opened Secrets of Heaven to p. 56: "There is a great emphasis placed on those who respond to an inner calling. They have such importance. We gather around them. They hold the promise of renewal and rejuvenation for your world."

P.S. Another year has passed, I revisit this Step on May 24, 2017 and once more open Secrets of Heaven: Secret 242: "Knowledge is far more powerful than you are personally. Therefore, you must prepare a place within your mind for Knowledge to emerge. It is not a plaything. Once its emergence has begun, it must continue."

P.P.S. May 24, 2018 Secrets of Heaven, p. 249: "The basis for true relationship is established at a deeper level where even two disimilar people find a basis for participation that cannot be destroyed by their divergent personalities."


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