Step One Hundred and Twenty

Step 120. I Will Remember My Knowledge Today.
Remember your Knowledge today. Remember that it abides with you regardless of where you go or what you are doing. Remember that it is given to you to serve you, to nurture you and to elevate you as well. Remember that you need not be aggravated with the world because you can accept the world as it is. Remember that you accept the world as it is so that you will be able to give to it, for the world is developing as you are. Remember that Knowledge is with you, and you need only be with Knowledge to realize its full impact.

Remind yourself upon the hour today that Knowledge is with you and give this a moment of thought. Do not let raging emotions or deep depression cast a shadow upon your practice, for your practice is greater than your emotional states, which change like the winds and the clouds but cannot mask the universe above them.

Therefore, realize the littleness of your emotional states and the greatness of Knowledge. In this way, Knowledge will balance your emotional states and will reveal to you the source of your own emotions, which is the source of your expression in the world. This is the mystery of life which you are now learning to explore.

Practice 120: Hourly practice.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

April 19, 2013 Round One: I am intrigued by the statement “Knowledge will balance your emotional states and will reveal to you the source of your own emotions, which is the source of your expression in the world.” Throughout the day, as I pondered this concept, a deeper clarity filled me, although I must admit that the moments of clarity were followed by confusion and the inability to grasp the deeper meaning. I trust, however, that Knowledge is with me, nurturing and elevating me.

November 20, 2014 Round Two: Today I went to the post office to pick up a book my dear friend Angel in the U.S. sent to me called Relationships & Higher Purpose. I had another New Message book in my purse Greater Community Spirituality and I read Chapter 9. How does God participate in the world? as I waited in line to receive my package. 

I felt it spoke to my Step today.
"Knowledge will protect you—your personal mind and your body—but it will not prevent you from hurting yourself. Like God, it will not interfere when interference is unwelcome. Knowledge will provide all of the stimulation and all of the signs you need to make wise decisions and to choose wisely in your relationships. However, if you do not heed these signs and signals, if you do not listen, if you do not follow and if you are not able to respond, then Knowledge will not come and punish you. It will not criticize you. It will not banish you to hell. It will not condemn you, and it will not judge you. Knowledge will allow you to fail. Perhaps then you will come back to it again with greater sincerity, feeling a deeper need."

I am beginning to understand Knowledge more. As the first time, when I read New Message teachings, especially when I apply the deep reading practice to what I am reading, I gain moments of clarity when I just know what it means. These moments are not usually lasting, but they are validating, and I know they remain with me at some deeper level I do not always have access to. I am integrating them though, and I know they continue to serve me. I have been in the grips of raging emotions the past couple of days, but today I feel so calm and peaceful again. I see how these emotions serve no productive purpose, they are so insubstantial, like puffs of wind. They cannot cast a shadow on my practice, on my true state of being, on the real quality of my relationships. Knowledge is steady and quiet, it does not save me from error, but it is always guiding me should I choose to listen and follow. It plucks at the harp strings of my soul.

On the way home from the post office, I ran into an old friend, an old drinking buddy, who also stopped drinking around the same time as I did. We always rejoice when we see each other and talk about how grateful we are that we stopped on time. We share this common new lease on life, and I say this is Knowledge working for us. It is a moment of recognition, it is God working in the world. So I remember my Knowledge today. Today I celebrate.


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