Step One Hundred and Twenty-Two

Step 122. I Give Without Loss Today.
What you are being asked to give can only increase as you give it. It is not a physical thing that you give, though physical things can be given for good. It is not something that you can quantify, for you have no idea of its extent. You are giving strength and encouragement.

Today in your two practice periods, continue your giving to others. This is an active form of prayer. Think not that the power of it is not received by those whom you have concentrated upon. Remember today not to try to determine the outcome of their dilemma or their need, but only encourage and empower them to carry forth with their own abilities. You wish to stimulate Knowledge within them as Knowledge is now being stimulated within you. This giving, then, will not have an expectation of a return, for you are giving that which enables others to be strong in their lives. You are not in a position to judge the outcome, for the outcome of your giving will not be revealed until later when the gift has been accepted and has found its place in the receiver. Therefore, give freely without expectation and give in order to experience the power of your gift this day.

 122: Two 30-minute practice periods.

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April 21, 2013 Round One: "What you are being asked to give can only increase as you give it."

It is as though each Step addresses what I have understood or what is dawning on me from the previous one. In addition to addressing the fundamental law that giving increases what is being given, this Step also elaborates on the previous one, addressing the concept of giving without expecting in return, giving strength and encouragement to others without trying to fix anything, for I am not in a position to fix anything, I am not here to meddle, I can only give support and be available if needed.

November 22, 2014 Round Two: I continue to concentrate on compassion. I can treat myself with more compassion and so have more compassion for others. So what I am being asked to give can only increase as I give it. And I give with no expectation of return, no knowledge of how my giving is affecting others, since that is out of my control, that is none of my business. My task is to give and give unconditionally, then my giving will be real.

This step has brought up many things for me relating to giving and compassion. It is also very pertinent in relation to the New Message revelation called The Separation. I was even inspired to write a post about it at Mystery of Ascension, the blog I share with Douglas. I called it Compassion Is the Antidote to Suffering


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