Step One Hundred and Twelve

Step 112. Review
Today for your review we shall do something a little different. Upon the hour remind yourself to remember Knowledge. Repeat to yourself, “I will remember Knowledge. I will remember Knowledge,” keeping in mind throughout the day that you do not yet know what Knowledge is, yet being assured that it is with you. It is born of God. It is God’s Will within you. It is your True Self. Thus, you learn to follow that which is great. Within your limited state, you gain access to that which has no limits. Thus, you become a bridge to Knowledge today.

Therefore, repeat upon the hour that you will remember Knowledge. Do not forget your practice today so that you may strengthen and empower yourself.

Here you will find the entire book free for download

Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

April 9, 2013 Round One: I feel that Knowledge is becoming an ever greater presence within me and I don’t have to make a special effort to remember it. It is with me constantly and I am ever aware of it. It is with me as I ride the waves of daily life, guiding me, shining like a beacon, leading me through the turbulence. And I follow, not fully knowing all that Knowledge is, but assured that I am doing the next right thing.

November 12, 2014 Round Two: I can reiterate what I wrote the first time. Knowledge is becoming so integrated into my life that it is easier to remember it than forget it. What would I do without Knowledge? I ask myself. And my answer is – you’d be up the creek without a paddle!

Part of the recommended reading for the current session of the Free School of the New Message is Chapter 9 in Greater Community Spirituality called “How Does God Participate in the World?” There I read:

"Let us, then, give a new approach and a fresh understanding. However, before we do this, let us say that when we give a simple idea, it will not be simple to understand. The simpler the idea, the more difficult it is to integrate it, to experience it and to apply it. Therefore, what seems easy can be more difficult. The quick and easy way can be the most difficult. A simple idea is more difficult to fully penetrate and to comprehend. Let us give you a simple idea now." 

"God is reclaiming the separated through Knowledge."

I am striving to integrate this simple idea into the convoluted workings of my mind.

On the New Message Forum, Douglas asked the following question in reference to this Step: 

"When did we forget Knowledge? Was it when we entered this world, or much longer ago, when we asked the Father for our share of the inheritance, when we ate the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?"

My response: I keep returning to this post and wanting to answer this question (hoping that someone else will answer first and shed greater clarity, since I don't have an answer, and realize I am not expected to answer, but still I want to). So, yes, a very good question, and one that I wonder about too.

My initial response was - we forget Knowledge when we enter this world - but I am proceeding from the assumption that my soul has entered this world many times and each time the conscious mind is "liberated" from the baggage of its past. As a fetus in the womb and a newborn baby, I may still retain the Knowledge I succeeded in reclaiming in past lives, but it is soon erased from my memory as I deal with the immediate reality of a new incarnation. If my connection with Knowledge has been strong in the past, I may be lucky enough to begin remembering it again this time around and even build on what I reclaimed before.

As for the story about the Garden of Eden, if I take it as an allegory of the Separation, then it stands to reason that this was when we forgot Knowledge.

However, this all poses an even bigger question for me. Not "when" did we forget, but "why" did we forget?

Now I know the answer to my question. Why did we forget? If we had not, there would not be much point in being here, we would not be in our separated state. We forget so that we can come and have another go at remembering again - hard-headed creatures that we are...


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