Step One Hundred and Nineteen

Step 119. Review
In this special review, review the past two weeks of practice, reviewing each instruction and recalling each day of practice. Try to remember how seriously you thought about each day’s practice and how well you utilized that practice. Do not think you can complain rightfully about this preparation unless you are utilizing it to its fullest extent. Your role here is only to follow the steps as they are given and not to alter them according to your preferences. In this way, you place yourself in a position to receive, which is the position you now need to acquire for yourself.

In your two long practice periods today, each one given to one week of practice, review the past two weeks. Try to be very kind with yourself, but recognize if you are falling short of the requirements and do not deceive yourself in this regard. Rededicate yourself to deepening your practice and your resolve, reminding yourself of the simplicity of your life and the true value that is being given to you. In this way, you will learn a new way of living. You will learn how to receive and how to give, and your life will be free of the darkness of complexity. For simplicity must always be of the light; it must always be of the good.

Therefore, give yourself to this review so that you may understand how you learn. These Reviews will demonstrate to you your own learning faculties and your own learning predispositions. They will teach you the necessary things that you will need to know in the future when you will be able to help others learn as well.

Practice 119: Two long practice periods.

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Here you will find pointers for getting started if this is your first encounter with this practice: Taking the Steps to Knowledge.

April 17, 2013 Round One: These last two weeks of Steps have addressed several key concepts for me—tools for living that serve me well. They are: progress not perfection; keeping it simple; living in the moment and enjoying life here and now; awareness of a Higher Power; deep-reaching honesty; patience; trust and turning over; holding on to my own truth without giving in to persuasion; listening and attentiveness; stillness that permits the Truth to be known. And most of all, the understanding that I am a beginning student and still learning.

November 19, 2014 Round Two: This Review says “try to be very kind to yourself, but recognize if you are falling short of the requirements…” So I am going to be kind to myself and say that this review has demonstrated that I am a capable student with an inherent capacity for self-discipline and dedication. Practicing my Step for the day is my top priority, I put it above all else, especially above my work. I may not dedicate myself to my professional work as I might, but I always practice my Step for the day. Without my Step practice, my day falls short, I am not as integrated, balanced, or happy. After I have done my practice, the rest of the day falls into place. My learning faculties are good, as are my learning dispositions. I am an eager and willing student. 

Having said that, I also recognize that I do not follow each Step to the letter. My weakest point is observing the hourlies. I do not faithfully think of the lesson for the day every hour on the hour, but I regularly bring the idea to mind throughout the day, reflect on it, and do the two deeper meditation practices. 

I can definitely say that this second time around, I am much more dedicated to these practices and do them for the thirty minutes recommended. I am utilizing my self-discipline. I am highly resolved to practice these Steps and follow the instructions, I have a great desire to understand what is presented here, so even though some of the ideas have me confused and reaching for answers, I am beginning to see that too much analysis, too much thinking, too much trying to figure it out is futile. 

I dedicate myself to entering stillness every day and deepening that experience. A calm, unruffled, uncluttered mind will open up what I seek, eventually. I am happy to wait, happy to be patient, happy to let things unfold naturally, happy to let more light and goodness into my life, my heart, and my mind.


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