Step One Hundred and Fourteen

Step 114. My True Friends Are With Me. I am not alone.
How can you be alone when your teachers are with you? What truer friend do you have than he or she who abides with your Knowledge? These friendships are not born of this world. They have been created beyond the world, and they exist to serve you now. You will feel the presence of those who are with you once your mind settles down. Once you cease to be preoccupied with your own fervent wishes and fears, you will begin to feel this presence which is so graceful, so gentle and so reassuring.

Upon the hour today, remind yourself that your friends are with you. In your two deep practice periods, allow your mind to receive their presence so that you may understand the true nature of relationship in the world. With practice, this understanding will become so strong that you will be able to receive the ideas, the encouragement and the correction from those who are more potent than you, who exist to serve you in your true function in the world. They are your initiators into Knowledge, and they are in relationship with your Knowledge, for your Knowledge contains your true relationships with all of life.

Practice 114: Two 30-minute practice periods. Hourly practice.

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April 11, 2013 Round One: I have to admit that sometimes I brush off this presence, claiming that it is all a figment of my imagination, my wishful thinking, for who does not find comfort and succor in the thought that there are unseen friends looking out for them and always nearby? However, I accept this presence and realize that it is the reason I never feel lonely. I will embrace it and call upon these teachers and friends, allowing them to initiate me into Knowledge and confident that they are with my Knowledge and know how best to help me reclaim it.

November 14, 2014 Round Two: It is still hard not to fantasize about my true friends beyond the world, my Teachers, for this presence is mysterious and subtle. 

In Secrets of Heaven on p. 279, I read: "Students have strange ideas about the Teachers. Therefore, often it is better that the Teachers remain unknown until such time that the student is well enough matured to use this awareness productively."

What are these ideas? And how are they strange? Does this apply to me? Do I have strange ideas? Maybe. All I know is I often have a deep sense of knowing when something is right for me and I take it as a prompt from my teachers. I have a strong sense of being protected, being watched over by some benevolent force. It is strong enough to overcome any doubts and ambivalence. I am taking this to be the presence of a true friend who abides in my Knowledge. When I enter deeply into stillness I am more acutely aware of this benevolent presence. I cannot really describe it in words, it is just there, all-pervading and nurturing. I am not alone.


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